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Air driven vacuum pump system for solids and cuttings transfer

Recently, a customer contacted GN Solids Control to ask for a quote for the air driven vacuum transfer pump system GNSP-40B.

To ensure clients make right decision and choose the right equipment type and model. GN Solids Control sales manager communicate more information in this regards.

Below are some questions GN Solids Control asked to the client:

What material you want to transfer? What is the transfer capacity and transfer distance you need to reach? The max. suction distance of GN solids vacuum pump can up to max. 50m, it is for horizontal transfer. The vertical lifting head is max. 7~8m.
GNSP-40B is a solids and sludge vacuum pump. It can apply for various applications in different industries, like to transfer drilling cuttings, solids and sludge. GN Solids Control has 3 vacuum pump models, GNSP-40B is the biggest model. GN Solids Control has middle size GNSP-20P, and a small size GNSP-10B. The middle size and small size are both portable design with tyres for easy movement. As there is no electrical parts and 100% driven by air, it requests big air consumption.



Take GNSP-40B for example, it request air supply 17m³/min with pressure 550~785Kpa. If driven by a separate air compressor, the min. power is 90kw. It can also use other air source only if the pressure and air consumption can achieve.
While you choose models, pls consider both the capacity and air supply. Enclosed is the brochure for your information.
You can visit our website to check the working performance:

Besides solids and sludge vacuum pump, GN Solids Control does also make vacuum cleaner for oil mud clean-up or tank cleaning of rig site. It is a dual function vacuum unit for both vacuum cleaner and vacuum transfer pump. Operators only need to change the suction head to suit for different material and different applications.
Besides oil rig site, the GN Mini Vacuum Cleaner can also be used as industry cleaner.

Centrifuge feeding pump and self-protection

Recently, GN Solids Control engineer just finished a jobsite troubleshooting for decanter centrifuge. The problem of the the jobsite is that, the client use a very big power sand pump is used to feed for 2 centrifuges; the pipelines are controlled by valves. The pump control is separated with centrifuge control. There is no connection between pump control and centrifuge control. It is not allowed and will damage the centrifuge.

GN Solids Control comments: There MUST be connection between centrifuge control and feeding pump control.
The centrifuge itself is with overload protection. In case of overload, e.g.: the feeding flow is suddenly increased, or jobsite people wrongly open the valve to feed more mud, or the mud weight is suddenly increased, etc…The mud is over the centrifuge handling capacity. The centrifuge will be stopped to avoid damage.centrifuges

In normal condition there is connection between pump control and centrifuge control. The pump feeding can be stopped immediately after the centrifuge is stopped. The centrifuge bowl is stopped rotating gradually, the internal mud is push out during the time. After the centrifuge completely stopped, operators can check the situation or adjust centrifuge settings, and start the centrifuge and pump feeding again.

But if there is no connections between centrifuge control and pump control. In case the centrifuge is stopped as overload, the pump cannot be stopped and keep feeding to the centrifuge bowl. The centrifuge stopped rotating but mud continued be pumped into the bowl and cannot come out, it will cause serious block, or even cause serious damage to centrifuge components, like damage the gearbox or bearings.

Recommended solution:
There are control components for 7.5kw feeding pump in GN centrifuge panel.

Change feeding pump to 5.5kw or 7.5kw. The pump can be controlled directly by GN centrifuge panel. There are interlock connection between centrifuge control and pump control.

Alternative solution:
If the job site is not capable to change for small feeding pump. Connect the existing pump panel control wires to GN centrifuge panel.
that the pump can be run.

Pneumatic Application Solids and sludge vacuum pump for drilling cuttings

Pneumatic Application Solids and sludge vacuum pump is a 100% air driven pump for various applications in different fields. Like for drilling cuttings transfer, for oil sludge transfer, for tank cleaning, for oil base mud cleaning, for sand / rocks transfer in construction companies, for chemicals transfer, etc… One time, a construction company ordered some vacuum pump packages: to allocate 8 pumps in a fabricated container, and used the vacuum pump to suck and transfer sands and rocks from a site to another, which is around 1 km away. Before using GN vacuum pump units, they have to use manpower and trucks for the transfer, it takes time and not continue.



Recently, some customers approaching GN Solids Control to source Pneumatic Application vacuum pump for Oil base mud and water base mud cuttings transfer. They did not use GN Pneumatic Application vacuum pumps before so they have some questions. Below are some normal questions clients are normally inquiring.

Clients’ questions: Does GN Solids Control have experience with any of the Solids and sludge vacuum pump working somewhere?
Reply from GN Solids Control: Till now we sold around 100 pumps in different sizes for different applications, like for drilling cuttings, oil sludge, tank cleaning, sand transfer, etc…

Most pumps we do not know what they are exactly for. Clients did not tell us clearly.
For drill cuttings transfer as far we know a pump in Singapore for offshore, and 2 pumps in Brazil for onshore.

Clients’ questions: Is it working well during all drilling sections – water base and oil base?
Reply from GN Solids Control: The vacuum pump can suit for OBM and WBM. If the material is floweable, the pump can be used.

Clients’ questions: Is it require separate compressor ?
Reply from GN Solids Control: The air supplier can come from separate compressor, or from other source. But it has to achieve the requested pressure and air consumption.

Clients’ questions: What is the backup solution in case of equipment shut down during operation?
Reply from GN Solids Control: Some clients use an extra pump for backup. Or use screw conveyors in case the vacuum pump is shut down.

30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge for construction slurry treatment in U.S.

Another 2 sets of 30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW764 are under fabrication. After running testing in GN Solids Control factory, the 2 huge machines will be shipped to U.S. client to be used in their construction field slurry treatment system. The construction field slurry treatment system is also designed and made by GN.



The system is equipped with coarse solids separation shale shaker, normal solids control shale shaker, chemical dosing system, various mud tanks for different applications, pumps, mud agitators, electrical control system, and so on. The system were delivered earlier to the client. The 30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW764 decanter centrifuge takes longer time for manufacturer than the slurry treatment system. They will be shipped separately by 2 full containers as the big size.

The 30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW764 decanter centrifuge is equipped with a big bowl up to 30 inch. It is the biggest bowl GN Solids Control made. It is also one of the biggest bowl decanter centrifuge with high speed for industry application.


Few companies in the world are capable to make it. It requests a high standard on the processing production line.
The 30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW764 decanter centrifuge is not popular in oil and gas drilling, which mostly utilize 14 inch for drilling mud solids control, 18 inch / 22 inch for drilling waste management. The 30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW764 decanter centrifuge can be used for dewatering and thickening sewage slurry. The unique properties of the centrifuge bowl with specially designed gear box unit and smart control system will guarantee the performance of GN decanter centrifuge for municipal sewage sludge.

To achieve maximum dewatering and thickening of the municipal sewage slurry, the GN VFD or hydraulic drive centrifuge is available to set the bowl speed differential speed. GN Solids Control design purpose for the environmental solutions decanter centrifuges is to have reliable performance as well as best price / performance ratio for the investors.