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Drilling Cuttings Re-Injection Technology

Oil based mud is the most normal lubrication agent of offshore drilling rigs. During drilling activities, huge quality of oil base mud and oil based cuttings will be generated and come out together with the oil rigs. The sands and rocks come out together with the lubrication oil based mud will be covered with oily material, and it is Non hydrophilic. These oil base mud and oil based cuttings are hazardous and have very bad damage to the ground and environment. In order to reduce and avoid the oil base mud and oil based cuttings pollute environment, there should be a technology to inject the hazardous oil based mud and oil based cuttings to the suitable lay of the ground.
We call the technology of injecting hazardous oil based mud and oil based cuttings generated during drilling activities as drilling cuttings re-injection.

The environmental protection policy is more and more strict, The new policy regarding the zero discharge of offshore drilling in China marine area will come out very soon. The policy will bring new challenges to the drilling activities of offshore, so the drilling cuttings re-injection technology is imperative and necessary, especially in the Bohai area, drilling cuttings re-injection operation will be a must-be part of the drilling operation.
The drilling cuttings re-injection technology has been effective for many years in many countries, it is a mature technology rather than new.And it is proved that the drilling cuttings re-injection technology will not pollute the formation. As the injection ground layer is not a production layer, and it cannot break the cover to cause water pollution, and so on. The drilling cuttings re-injection technology is the most reasonable drilling waste disposal methods for remote offshore drilling rigs.
The core of the drilling cuttings re-injection technology m lies in the choice of the injection ground layer, to build the simulation of the joint and the system on the platform.

Drilling waste management specialist GN Solids Control return from Abu Dhabi oil show

Abu Dhabi oil show is one of the most important oil industry issues in GCC countries. Nearly 3000 companies will come for the oil show. And many visitors come from worldwide. GN Solids Control started to come for Abu Dhabi oil show since 2013. Every year, GN will meet with old friends and know new friends there on the big events. As most of GN old friends can see, GN keeps improving himself. Every year, GN takes surprise to GN friends. They experienced the developments of GN.

In 2016 ADIPEC, GN takes its popular size 14 inch decanter centrifuge for the oil show. It is the most popular size for mud solids control, drilling waste management, oily sludge separation, waste water treatment, dewatering system, and other fine solid remove applications.
Many clients showed great interest on GN decanter centrifuge, and have interest for more information. If you did not take GN brochure on the show, you can visit GN website to download, or contact with GN group to ask for information.
Besides the 14 inch waste management decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control showed its high quality replacement screen. GN Solids Control makes high quality replacement screen for different models of shaker. For more details of GN screen, or want sample for test, welcome you contact with GN sales teams.
Below is the contact of GN group. Welcome you contact GN with the nearby branch to you for fast response.
•  GN China Company: HeBei GN Solids Control Co.Ltd.
•  No.3 Industry Road,Dachang Chaobai River Development Area,Langfang,China 065300·
•  40KM to Beijing International Airport
•  +86-186-32518256 (China·Time)
•  +86-316-5276997 / +86-316-5276990

•  GN U.S.A Company: GN Solids America LLC
•  6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040, USA
•  +1 (713) 878-0880 / +1 (713) 320-3868 / +1 (713) 320-2103

•  GN Russia company:
Г.Москва,Радонежского Сергия Ул.д.2
•  +7-8(925)304 25 70 / +7- 8(968)950 31 49