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Applications of mud cleaner in solids control system

Mud cleaner is popular equipment for mud solids control and drilling fluids recycling. A mud cleaner is a combination of desander separator and / or desilter separators mounted over a solids control shale shaker. Compared with solids control shale shaker, mud cleaner will be mounted with fine mesh screener. Mud cleaner normally use shaker screen over API 100.

Drilling fluids is fed to the inlet of the hydrocyclone (desander and/or desilter) to separate particles, and the underflow passes to the fine screen mesh, while the particles larger than screen opening size will be discarded and removed from the solids control mud system.

In most drilling activities, a mud cleaner is installed in the solids control mud systems, with shale shakers, pumps, mixing system mud agitators, mud guns, etc… All the solids control equipment are mounted on mud tanks in the same drilling rig location, to work as a full functional system.
For some small non-oil and gas drilling rigs, like water well drilling rigs, piling rigs, HDD drilling rigs, etc…they only have a very simple request on the mud treatment. They do not use mud tanks, as an instead, they use mud pit rather than mud tank system. In this case, the complex drilling fluids cycling system is not necessary. Operators can only use shale shaker or mud cleaner, and choose suitable feeding pump per their job site conditions.

Types of mud cleaners:
1)    A mud cleaner can be a combination of desander hydraucyclones mounted over a shale shaker for 2 stages separation.
2)     A mud cleaner can be a combination of desilter hydraucyclones mounted over a shale shaker for 2 stages separation.
3)    A mud cleaner can be a combination of desander hydraucyclones and desilter hydraucyclones mounted over a shale shaker for 3 stages separation.

GN Solids Control designed mud cleaner can be used as a full set solids control shale shaker and a desander desilter unit, buy removing the hydraucyclone unit.

GN500 GPM fast move tank mobile unit for water well drilling

GN500 GPM mud cleaning and mud recycling system is a popular size mud treatment system for water well drilling, HDD and CBM drilling. It is a compact design integrated mud system. It is composed of 3 stages solids control and the mixing system.
In order to suit the requirements of different jobsite, GN offers 2 types design: oil field skid mounted 500GPM mud recycling system, and fast movement mobile unit.
Water well drilling operators prefer mobile unit for fast movement. The system is equipped with wheels; it is very convenient for movement. As water well is not deep size. It will be finished in some months. The drilling rigs are normally moved frequently, so it requests the fast movement of mud recycling system.

GN 500GPM mobile mud system utilizes single frame axe. Compared with double frame (axe of wheels), the single frame trailer skid is more popular in fast movement 500GPM mud system. There mainly two advantages of single frame design 500GPM mobile mud system:
1) The single frame design trailer skid for mobile mud system can spare more space for usable mud storage volume.
2) The single frame design trailer skid for mobile mud system is with less ground friction. It can spare more fuel for operators.
Features of GN 500GPM mobile mud system:
1)    The 500GPM mobile mud system consists of 3-stage solids control process: 1 set linear motion shale shaker for the 1rst stage solids control. 3-in-1 mud cleaner for the 2nd and 3rd stage solids control.
2)    The 500GPM mobile mud system consists of mud mixing hopper and mud mixing pump to prepare new mud for rigs.
3)    For a more compact design, the feeding pumps are mounted on tank slope, mixing hopper mounted on the tank top, while the mixing pump are mounted on tank skid, together with the ladder.
4)    GN 500GPM mobile mud system utilizes composite materials replacement screen for reliable performance and loner lifetime.
GN Solids Control can offer customized solutions to meet clients’ special demands. Welcome you contact GN Solids Control for proposal.

Operator perform checking of decanter centrifuge

Various industry that need delicate separation often consider decanter centrifuge due to its high RPM rotation speed.  Decanter centrifuge to be function it well, it needs to be well balanced on bowl that contain horizontal screw that perform the separation.

When decanter centrifuge is arrived to its location, the balance of the bowl should be first one to check for possible problems. When the transport personnel will be sent to the horizontal screw centrifuge, we must promptly carry out inspection, in order to prevent future disputes, we better be able to face the inspection, to confirm the quality of the horizontal screw.

When decanter centrifuge arrived,  it needs observe the appearance of opening the crate, and then observe the appearance of decanter centrifuge, check the external metal have no obvious cracks, scratches, occur in the process of handling without impacting the dent. Manufacture that provide the inspection list,  the receiver will check all the parts are available, the model and the purchase of the goods are in the same way, this can effectively avoid sending the wrong goods.

Connect the decanter centrifuge with power source and turn it on, examine some of the functions of the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge, if the use of the general function appear without issue during the inspection, then the decanter centrifuge is ready for treatment operation.

Manufacturer like GN Solids America LLC suggest below if driller facing during the process of the drilling fluid.  Regular maintenance on the centrifuge such as regularly  washing the inlet and outlet by filling water or diesel is major step to avoid serious breakdown.  It is also crucial that  add lubrications  to the bearing parts to ensure proper lubrication. In order to ensure the process in the use of these parts in regular drilling operation which influences the effective of oil well drilling. The electronic parts of the centrifuge are working the best by running certain period of time frame (like none-stop for hours) and  avoid rapidly turn on and off  of the decanter  centrifuge often can make sure less-failure of the parts as well.

GNSP-40 Vacuum pump for drill cuttings transfer

GNSP-40 Vacuum pump is a full air driven pump. It is specially designed and made high solids contents cuttings transfer. As the pump is driven by air compressor, there is no electrical motor. It can be used in hazardous area and zone 1 areas. Advantages of GNSP-40 Vacuum pump:
1) GNSP-40 Vacuum pump is a full air driven pump. It will not generate spark and does not request electrical power. It is the safest pump for Zone 1 environment and for hazardous environment.
2) GNSP-40 Vacuum pump can handling materials with up to 80% solids content. Other pump cannot do it.
3) GNSP-40 Vacuum pump can handling cuttings up to 70mm.
4) GNSP-40 Vacuum pump can transfer to max. 1000m away. It is the ideal equipment for long distance transfer.
5) GNSP-40 Vacuum pump utilizes pipelines for suction and discharging. There is no spilling during transfer.
6) It takes a mini. Footprint for long distance transfer.
Materials can be transferred by GNSP-40 Vacuum pump:
1) Waste mud and drilling waste cuttings discharged from solids control equipment, mud cleaner, centrifuge, etc…
2) Drilling mud (Oil based mud or water based mud) in the solids control systems
3) Waste materials in the waste pit. Normally the pit is with a big depth. The waste material in the pit is with high density and viscosity. Normal equipment cannot handle it.
4) For the hazardous waste recovery.
5) Vacuum pump can transfer oily sludge waste and the sediment on tank bottom.
6) Vessel bottom cleaning
7) Animal waste and etc…
Besides vacuum pump, screw conveyor is another option for high solids content cuttings transfer. It is widely used to transfer high solids content cuttings from one equipment another for further treatment. Or transfer the materials to the collection box. For a reliable strength, the max. length of a single screw conveyer is 15m. The transfer angle should be less than 30 degree. Normally, more than 1 screw conveyer should be used for the jobsite layout and transfer.

New Year Celebration Party of GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control is a worldwide famous brand for mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment, as well as high quality replacement shaker screen. GN is from China, now GN has separate brand and warehouse in Russia, and Houston USA. Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, it is the greatest event in China. It is the most important and the greatest event in China and for all Chinese people and oversea Chinese. And, it is coming on 28th Jan. 2017.

2016 is a big bigbig tough year for petroleum person. Seen from the activity drilling rig quantity, 2016 may be the worst year for the recent 30 years. Crude oil price keeps low down and down. So many rigs stop working. People lost their jobs. There are too many second hand equipment and system on the market. New equipment demands keep downturn. The good time is far away.So many oil related companies cannot survive and closed. Some of them are no longer in this field and change to other business.

In such difficult condition, GN Solids Control people are working hard, and try their best to improve quality and reduce the cost to give better support to clients. Furthermore, GN Solids Control keeps investing on new products. GN Solids Control has invest more on high-technology equipment, like TDU, automatic tank cleaning equipment, new technology composite material screen, smart control system, etc…

In order to thank the hardworking of all GN people, GN Solids Control will hold a fantastic New Year party before the holiday. All GN stuff will join the party. There will be performance team to give wonderful programs, like Singing, dancing, magic show, traditional show, etc… But the most important, most attractive, and the most exciting time, is prize draw. The company prepared 5 stages prizes it can cover 2 thirds of the Participants.