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400BBL mud recycling system for Australia drilling company

As all know, Australia market is with a very high standard. The standard is even higher than European market. GN Solids Control is the only one Chinese manufacturer who offered many mud recycling systems and drilling mud processing equipment to the market. Till now, there are over 30 sets GN made complete mud systems running in Australia. Nearly all of them are used for no dig activities: HDD drilling, CBM drilling or other underground constructions. As there are very few oil rigs in Australia.

2018.02.08 400bbl mud system for Australia drilling company

400bbl mud system for Australia drilling company

Recently, a full set of 400bbl mud recycling and mixing system was dispatch to Australia for oil rigs. We can say it is the first oil rig mud treatment system for Australia. As the customer said: Let me at the first to dry it. But as the truth, GN Solids Control sold some oil rig mud systems to Australia companies before, but none of t hem ship to Australia. They did their drilling job overseas.
The 400bbls mud system is customized per clients special request. It includes below processing equipment:
1) 2 sets of linear motion shale shaker GNZS703F-HB. The shale shaker is with box feeder for oil rig mud systems. GN Solids Control offers a full set of composite material screens for all shale shakers or mud cleaners while delivery from factory. The screen is for free. GN Solids Control make high quality replacement screens for his own shakers as well as for other popular shaker models. Clients can contact GN Solids Control easy to source replacement screens for GN brand shakers, or other brand shakers, like Derrick, Brand, Swaco, etc…
2) 2 sets of mud tank complete with mud agitators, electrical control system, lighting system, pipelines, guidrails, walkways, ladder, and other accessories for full function.
3) 2 separate jet mud mixing system is connected to the 2-tank mud system to prepare qualified drilling mud. The mixing system is composed of a mixing hopper, a centrifugal mixing pump, the pump and hopper are connected by pipelines and controlled by a separated Explosion proof control panel, all above mentioned items are mounted on an oil field skid for easy layout and movement.

Rapid Deployment Liquid Mud Plant (RDLMP) for different capacity

GN Solids Control does design and make different capacity Liquid Mud Plant to suit for oil base mud mixing, water base mud mixing and SOBM mud mixing.
GN Solids Control offers 2 types design of the liquid mud plant: the vertical type liquid mud plant and the Rapid Deployment Liquid Mud Plant (RDLMP).
Below are the popular tank types offered by GN for different application and capacity Liquid Mud Plant:
1) Oil base mud tank with mud agitators
2) Water based mud tank with mud agitators
3) Base Oil Tank equipped with filtration unit and transfer pumping system
4) Water Tank equipped with filtration unit and transfer pumping system
5) Brine tank or brine mixing (Fiber Glass Tank or Coating protection)
6) Bulk Tank
7) Mud Mixing Tank equipped with mixing hopper, mixing pump and mud agitators.
All GN brand mud tanks are designed and makes to suits for oil field outdoors application. Painting and coating is an important effect of the mud tank lifetime.
GN excellent painting and coating can ensure the tanks suits for corrosion resistant life time: 10 Years
1) GN Solids Control only choose and use international famous brand for coating and Painting, like PPG, or Japan Kansai Heavy Duty Marine Painting.
2) All GN made mud tank will be treated with Ball or Sand blasting per SA 2.5 Standard.
GN mud tank is with 3 painting treatment:
1) Primer Zinc rich epoxy Coating: 50 microns
2) Second layer epoxy build coating: 120 mircons
3) For tank outside polyurethane finish: 80 Microns
Besides different types of mud tanks for liquid mud plant, GN Solids Control makes full line mud treatment and mixing equipment for liquid mud plant: solids control shale shaker, barite recovery decanter centrifuge, mud mixing hopper, centrifugal pump, mud agitators, etc…
If you have any questions about liquid mud plant, welcome you contact GN engineers.