750hp mud system package from GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control makes customized solution for different size oil and gas drilling rigs, no matter for onshore or offshore. GN makes high quality solids control equipment per international high standard and offered with competitive price. GN Solids Control main market is international market and Chinese high standard market.

Compared with US and European brand, GN Solids Control equipment is much more cost effective. As GN have international partner in different regions and own its own branch company in Houston America. GN keeps closed relationship with worldwide oil and gas field technology development. Compared with other Chinese brand, GN knows the international market better, and offers high standard equipment.

mud cleaning system

mud cleaning system

Below is a general configuration of a complete 750hp Mud Recycling system package made by GN Solids Control. The 750hp onshore oil rig mud system including but not limited to the following equipment:
3 Mud Tanks, volume of each tank is 40 cubic meters. Total volume of the 3 mud tanks is 120 cubic meters.

Mud Tanks Specifications is as following:
• API Skid I Beam, API lifting.
• Bottom tanks steel sheet 12 mm thickness
• Side Walls of corrugated steel 40 mm thickness
• Suction Line in bottom 8” x 6” Schedule 80
• Drain line with 10” butterfly valve
• Top ream of 4” pipe schedule 40
• Equipped with all required butterfly valves
• Tanks to be covered with API Grating & with API Hand Rails
• Each tank equipped with 6” equalizer
• Tanks complete with all interconnecting piping

Mixing tank is of 2 compartments, and it is equipped with the following:
• 1 ea 6” Hopper
• 2 Mud guns
• 2 Agitators
• Two centrifugal Pumps (6×8-14) 100 HP. One pump is used with hopper for mud mixing. Another pump is used as desilter feeding pump.

Active Tank of 2 compartments equipped with the following:
• 2 ea rotating type Mud guns
• 2 Agitators is equipped with double layer and with stabilizer on the tank bottom
• 1 set Desander is equipped with linear motion shale shaker and desilter cone assembly.

Shale Shaker Tank is equipped with following:
• Two Shale Shakers rated capacity is up to 600 GPM, and it is equipped with sand trap.

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