Desilter for drilling mud

The method of operation of hydrocyclone is centrifugal force, which solids separate through force cause the separation from the mud.  It is the same method use like centrifuges.  It is the sample structure that does not have moving parts and installation and maintenance is low and easy to operate.  The device is mostly use in mineral, chemical, petrochemical, textile and metallurgical fields.


A desalted is the cyclone diameter that is 6” or less. It is use as in third level of drilling filtering equipment in drilling process.  The common use sizes are 4” cyclones to filter solid-phase particle size 15-44μm in the drilling fluid.  The numbers of hydrocycone usage is base on treating capacity that operator is needed. The polyurethane material is use for easy maintenances and longer usage life to achieve consist operation cost of drilling.

Like we mention before, the hydrocyclone is 4” that is common.  The steel frame is making to provide the support and pair it with shale shaker to calleddesilter. The frame is detachable for more use option as well for maintained purpose as well. The shale shaker on the bottom performs another step of filtering for project that requires more intense filtering of solids from the mud.

Small hydrocyclone called desilter is important steps to control the solids contain in the drilling mud.  It can remove solids from the drilling mud to keep the drilling mud clean as possible, the

15-44μm solids particles accounting for over 60﹪of solids quantity.  When drilling is in operation, the shale shaker removes large size of solids while hydrocyclone Desilter can remove much finer solids that ensure efficiency of solids control. It is well fit for drilling operation in much harder core and drilling speed is much slower that drilling particles are often small.

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