Diamond Core Drilling Solids Removal Unit to South Africa Client

GN Solids Control has successfully completed the delivery of a customized drilling solids removal unit to a customer in South America. The system has been specifically designed to cater to the requirements of diamond core drilling mud processing.

The complete system comprises of several key components that work together seamlessly to ensure efficient and effective solids removal. Firstly, there is a compact and efficient small size shale shaker, model GNZS752J-MDZJ. This shale shaker is designed to efficiently separate the solid particles from the drilling mud, thereby ensuring a cleaner and more stable mud for the drilling process. The small size of the shale shaker allows for easy mobility and installation in locations with limited space.

2023.07.14 Solids Removal Unit

In addition to the shale shaker, the system also includes a small size high-speed decanter centrifuge. This centrifuge plays a crucial role in the separation process, as it is capable of removing even finer solid particles from the drilling mud. The high-speed operation of the centrifuge ensures rapid and efficient separation, leading to a high-quality drilling mud with improved performance.

To facilitate the mixing of chemicals and additives with the drilling mud, a centrifugal pump is provided along with a mixing hopper. This allows for the controlled and precise addition of necessary materials to the mud, enhancing its properties and ultimately improving drilling efficiency.

2023.07.14 Diamond Drilling Solids Control

To house all of these separation and mixing equipment, GN Solids Control has designed a robust mud tank. This tank has a generous size of 4100x2215x1312mm, providing ample space for the equipment and ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. The tank is constructed to withstand the harsh conditions typically encountered in drilling operations, ensuring longevity and reliability.

To effectively control all the separation and mixing equipment in the system, GN Solids Control offers a complete electrical control system. This system provides precise and intuitive control over the various components, allowing operators to easily monitor and adjust the parameters as required.

With this customized drilling solids removal unit, GN Solids Control once again demonstrates its commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions. The system not only meets the specific demands of diamond core drilling mud processing but also provides enhanced performance, efficiency, and reliability.