Diesel engine drive centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump is widely used for drilling mud system, for oilfield and HDD drilling fluids systems.GN Solids Control, as a leading Centrifugal pump China manufacturer, supply centrifugal pump for solids control system.
GN Solids Control offer electric motor drive centrifugal pump, as well as diesel engine drive centrifugal pumps for drilling fluids applacations. The diesel engine centrifugal pump can be used as feeding pump for decanter centrifuge, desander and desilter, as mixing pump for jet mud mixing system. It can be used a trip tank transfer pump. It can also be used as charging pump, or mud pump charging pump.

Mud mixing system with diesle engine

Mud mixing system with diesle engine

Main use and application scope of diesel engine centrifugal pump
Explosion-proof diesel engine provides the main power source for centrifugal pump, the chemical industry water pumps, or provide power for the equipment located in the  environment that flammable gases and vapors continuously exist.
GN offers a mud mixing system equipped with diesel engine drive centrifugal mixing pump. The mud mixing system is certified with DNV lifting. The mud mixing hopping of the mixing system is made from stainless steel for high standard and top quality. The mud system can be used for onshore drilling rig site as well as offshore drilling rig site. The diesel Engine is Four-stroke, Water-cooled, linear, IDI Turbocharged Diesel Engines. It can be used for Zone 1 and Zone 2, level 2G, Ex-mark Ex IIB T3 2G. The explosion-proof Diesel Engine has been fully designed and modified on air-intake system, exhaust system, fuel system, cooling system. There is Air intake flame arrester and air shut-off valve for air-intake system. Exhaust system uses a water-cooled cylinder head, water-cooled exhaust manifold and turbocharger.
Many clients do not want electrical powered centrifugal pump, and prepare diesel engine. As the diesel oil is easier to source, or at some remote areas, electric source is not available. GN solids control can offer different power of explosion proof diesel engine centrifugal pump as different options to the clients.

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