Disposal of Water Based Mud and Oil Based Mud after Usage

There are normally or in all 3 kinds of drilling mud used in the oil and gas drilling industry. Water based mud, oil based mud and also SBM. These 3 kinds of mud cover all the usages of drilling mud in all over the world. But no matter it is water based mud or oil based mud, after being used, they are not allowed to be disposed directly to anywhere, because no matter what material or chemicals added into the mud, they will cause damage to the environment.

0224 500gpm mud recycling system

In previous years, when people were not clear about the severe contaminate on the environment or when people cared more about money than the environment, some drilling mud was discharged directly to the soil, and since then, such soils became barren. In recent years, all the countries and regions are issuing laws and registrations for protecting the environment and forbid the oil companies, drilling companies or service companies to dispose the used drilling mud improperly.

So the demand of the solids control and drilling waste management system is becoming more and more serious thing. How to manage the drilling waste or the drilling cuttings from the drilling mud? Where will the drilling mud go after being used? There are different answers to this question based on the drilling mud is a water based mud or oil based mud, mostly cases are like that, the water based mud is disposed after treated by the waste management system while the oil based mud will be transported to other projects for re-use. Why? It needs a calculation and a compare of the cost for transportation and the cost of mud itself. Water itself is of less cost and if the transportation cost is high, it is better to dispose the mud after being treated. But oil is expensive, so it is more economic to re-use it.

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