Drilling Fluids Shale Shaker and Mud tank for Offshore Drilling Company

GN Solids Control is capacity to make solids control shale shaker and mud cleaner for onshore and offer drilling rigs. Recently, GN Solids Control finished a drilling fluids mud tank system for an offshore drilling company.

There are drilling fluids shale shaker and centrifugal pumps equipped in the offshore rig mud system. The shale shakers are used to treat the drilling fluids. There are some centrifugal pumps used for the mud system, some are used for transfer, some are used together with mixing hopper to prepare qualified new drilling mud.

2022.02.17 Offshore Mud Shaker

According to the conditions generating vibration, the shaker shakers can be divided into four types:

1. Atmospheric shale shaker: the upper side and lower side of the shale shaker screens are atmospheric pressure. It is the most popular type shale shaker.

GN Solids Control makes single deck and double deck shale shaker. According to the screen quantity of single deck, GN Solids Control makes 2-panel mini. Shale shaker, 2-panel shale shaker, 4-panel shale shaker and 5-panel shale shaker.

2. Positive pressure shale shaker: the environment above the screen is greater than atmospheric pressure, and the environment below shaker screen is atmospheric pressure. It is not popular. Nearly not used for drilling mud treatment.ViST-Vacuum-Shaker-Screen

3. Negative pressure shale shaker: the upper side of the shaker screen is atmospheric pressure environment, and the bottom side of shaker screen is less than atmospheric pressure environment. It is also called as vacuum shaker screen. GN Solids Control makes screen vacuum unit to suit for his own brand shaker models. The vacuum unit is separated with shale shaker.

GN Solids Control vacuum screen unit is very compact design. It is suitable for both offshore rig drilling mud system and offshore drilling mud system. A vacuum unit can be connected to 1 shale shaker, 2 shale shakers, or maximum 3 shale shakers.

While the screen vacuum unit is working together with solids control shale shaker, it can replace the extra high G drying shale shaker at drilling waste management system.

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