Dual tandem Shale shaker for work over rig mud system

Dual tandem shale is completed with 2 shale shakers. For a dual tandem shale shaker, There are 2 shakers fixed on a skid, and the feeding box of the 2 shakers are connected by distribution box or distribution pipelines. There are valves on the distribution pipelines to control the mud flow to either one or both shakers.

Dual tandem shale shaker is widely used at workover drilling rig mud system. Compared with single shale shaker, the dual tantem shale shaker is easy for shipment and layout on the mud system. It is used to remove the drilling cuttings from drilling mud and get qualified drilling mud to support the drilling actives.

2021.06.21 Tandem Shale Shaker

Drilling cuttings are the main solid phase polluting drilling fluid. It greatly affects the performance of drilling fluid and must be stabilized. Therefore, it is very importance to do solids control treatment during drilling process. Drilling fluids solid control is the process to control and remove drilling cuttings. The cost of drilling fluid is directly related to solid phase control and its effect.

Shale, sandstone (sand), limestone, dolomite salt and salt rock often encountered in drilling are low-density solids. Their drillability varies greatly, which plays an important role in the determination of drilling fluid system and the selection of solid control system.

After the solids control shale shaker, the desander and / or desilter mud cleaner will be used. It is to further separate finer drilling cuttings.

There are 4 steps solids control equipment: shale shaker, desander, desilter, and decanter centrifuge. Clients can choose the right model solids control equipment depends on the separate point of the equipment and the separation demands of the rig site.

Decanter centrifuge is the most expensive separation equipment on the solids control equipment. It is used to remove the ultra fine solids in the drilling mud.

Mud mixing hopper and mixing pump are used as mixing unit to prepare qualified drilling mud.

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