GN developed new decanter centrifuge and 3-phase centrifuge regarding industry applications

Decanter centrifuge and 3-phase centrifuge will be widely used in a widely array of applications. As most clients may possibly know, GN design to make decanter centrifuges are popular in oil and gas drilling arena, they can be used for dewater centrifuge, barite recovery centrifuge, great solids separation centrifuge, drilling waste management centrifuge, greasy sludge separation centrifuge, etc…
Below is the popular applying GN existing centrifuges
1) TBM Mud Cleaning
2) Dredging Slurry Separation
3) Industry Waste Water Treatment method.
4) Drilling rig mud Solids Control
5) Greasy Sludge separation
6) City and county Sewage Sludge Purification
7) Mining slurry Separation.

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This is a good new to all GN clients: GN Solids Control makes a huge invest around the research and developing of various industry applications centrifuge. GN design and develop centrifuge per different separation calls for of different industry. GN Solids Control will promote a lot more new centrifuge models within the coming year.
Below are a few of the new decanter centrifuge apps from GN Solids Control
1) Centrifuge for sludge dewatering, mud dewatering, along with suspension treatment
2) Centrifuge for thickening sludge or even mud. It is to reduce often the solids percentage and make that suitable for Digestive tower therapy.
3) Centrifuge for annotations of different types of liquid
4) 3- phase centrifuge to split up 3- phase mixtures, for instance , two immiscible fluid stages with a kind of solid period. It is popular used for acrylic water and mud spliting up to treat the oily sludge in oil and gas drilling area.
5) Centrifuge for making clear solids in a wet pause by solids size
6) Centrifuge for separation solids by different densities
Precisely why GN have the ability to develop completely new series centrifuge for different marketplace applications? Below are some of the causes:
1) GN owns a specialist centrifuge team. They have twelve ~ 25 years experience in centrifuge design and producing
2) Moreover, GN are the owners of a separate electrical department as well as facility for designing PLC and electrical control programs; this gives GN advantages with electrical control system with regard to measuring and control technological innovation. The performance and associated with the decanter centrifuge as well as three-phase centrifuges are considerably improved by the control system.

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