GN Mud Recycling System shipped to Asian Consumer

GN Solids Control Corp., Ltd has manufactured more than thousands of solids control in addition to drill cuttings management techniques. Many mud recycling system are widely used in coal and oil area, some of them are using throughout no dig drilling, for example bored pile construction place. Some days before, GN Solids Control just delivered 3 units of mud taking system for clients who will be using bored piles within Asia.

Now many countries are choosing GN advanced mud trying to recycle systems in the no look area, countries such as Singapore, Myanmar, Australia, Saudi Persia etc .
GN manufactures lightweight mud systems, all of them could be moved very conveniently. The treatment of capacity varies from 250GPM, 500GPM as well as 1000GPM. These kind of mud systems are mainly such as the following parts:
1 . GN Shale Shaker
GN shakers are very popular to separate solids that larger than 100 microns. Now GN is cooperating with world famous brands sto? motors, such as Martin or maybe OLI. These motors can be utilized for quite a long time without cracked. GN also manufactures his personal shale shaker screens. As there are various screen types, GN use the best quality wire mesh to help manufacture the shaker window screens.
2 . GN Hydro Cyclones
Hydrocyclones are used to separate solids above 25 microns using the size. There are 10 in . and 4 inch cyclones which are very effective to do typically the separation. Some cyclones can be used together in order to have different healing capacity.
GN cyclones are made from polyurethane, which are wear evidence for long time usage.
a few. GN Mud Tank
GN shaker and cyclones are usually fixed on the top of one sleek and stylish mud tank. Some other auxiliaries such as centrifugal pump (fixed on the bottom frame) and light (fixed on the top) are also incorporated for convenient usage.
GN also provides customized mud tank to meet different worksite demands. Welcome to connect with each of our GN Solids America LLC for more details.

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