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The Initial Startup procedure is to be used when the equipment is being started for the first time, or when equipment is returned to use after an extended period out of service. The initial startup is performed as follows:

Verify that all operators and maintenance personnel have read and understand all operating and safety information.Verify that equipment has been assembled and installed in accordance with part 2. Check oil level in gearbox. If low, fill to bottom of level plug. Jog drive motor to check that impeller rotates in the correct direction. If rotation is incorrect, shut down and lock out and tag out electric power, and reverse any two leads to switch direction of motor rotation.

Start up mud agitator in accordance with the Normal Startup procedure.To shut down the mud agitator for any reason, first shut off the mud feed and then turn off electric power to the agitator motor.To immediately stop the machine in case of emergency, open the fused disconnect supplying electric power to the machine. is the owner of the article on Mud Agitator and  mud agitator manufacturer, pls click visit us to know more info.pls visit us

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