Heavy contaminated soil cleaning and recovery system

In the past decants, economic development is the main concern of most countries and governments. It generates huge quantity of pollutions and wastes. One kind of waste is the polluted soil. Especially the heavy contaminated soil generated from chemical industry and drilling rig and oil field. The contaminated soil contents different kinds of waste oil, heavy oil, lubrication oil, diesel oil, grease oil, chemicals and other kinds of waste materials.
The drilling waste can be stocked in the waste pit or collected by trucks or vacuum truck, and dumped near the site work for treatment.
The contaminated soil material can be dumped by using bracket loader to the newly supplied pump feeders or screw conveyer to the treating system for cleaning and separation.

And then the contaminated soil material can be then transported via a belt conveyer or screw conveyor or other kind of transfer device to cleaning tank. Hot water will be added to the tank, to mix and heat in the washing tank. The cleaning tank is a tank with mud agitator and transfer pump, and with the function of mixing and heating. The mixing tank heating tank can be a vertical tank on Horizontal tank.
The mixed heated material are mixed with water and chemical and pumped from the Mix and heat washing tank to Soil Process Tank. In this step, shale shaker can be use to separate solid from liquid.
Centrifuge separation system will be followed after shale shaker separation. Chemicals should be added to the centrifuge for a better separation. Most of fine soil can be moved in this step. With chemical dosing, some of the fine soil smaller than 2 ~ 5 microns can be removed.
The liquid mixture from centrifuge separation will be moved to 3-phase separation system to separate soil, waste and oil. The recovered water can be reused in this heavy contaminated soil treatment system as dilution and heating water. While the recovered oil can be sell to the oil treatment factories.

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