Heavy duty helical bevel reducer mud agitator for drilling mud system

The helical bevel gear reducer mud agitator is a popular design for drilling mud recycling and mixing systems. It is a kind of heavy duty mud agitator. The mud agitator can be used for the shale shaker tanks, mud mixing tanks, mud storage tanks, intermediate tanks, suctions tanks, pill tanks, etc…

The helical bevel mud agitator adapts Gleason quasi-hyperbolic gear reducer. The helical bevel gear reducer is equipped with hard tooth surface. It is large loading capacity, low noise, long service life and high efficiency.

There is another kind of gearbox for agitators: it is worn and gear agitator. Compared with worn and gear reducer mud agitator, the helical bevel reducer agitator is more heavy duty and reliable, its torque is nearly double than the worn and gear agitator, so the helical bevel agitator can adapts a stronger performance with a smaller motor to reduce power. But the cost of helical bevel agitator is much higher than the worm and gear reducer agitator.

So when you compare mud agitator quotation from different suppliers, please specially payment attention of the technical description on the reducer types.

GN Solids Control can offer both helical bevel mud agitator and worn and gearbox mud agitator with different motor powers. Clients can choose the suitable type per his mud condition and the budget of the project. Or clients can contact GN sales manager to recommend you the suitable type for his project.

Besides mud agitators, GN Solids Control does also offers other processing equipment for drilling mud processing and recycling, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, dewatering centrifuge, mud gas separator, vacuum degasser, mud tanks, … GN Solids Control does also make high quality replacement shaker screens for his own design shakers and also for other famous brand and popular models shale shakers, like for Derrick shale shakers, Swaco shale shaker, FSI shale shakers, Brandt Cobra shale shaker, etc… For other brand replacement shaker screen information, welcome you contact GN team to double check.

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