How to do dewatering treatment from used drilling mud from oil well drilling

GN Solids Control offers 2 proposals to treat slurries without oil, like to treat the used drilling mud, like drilling mud from oil well drilling, from construction field, from piling, or industry waste water.

The first option is GNWTU-50A Wastewater Treatment Unit very Economic. It is a sample separation by settlement. The solids discharge from GNWTU-50A Wastewater Treatment Unit is very wet. The recovered water is not clear. The chemical dosing unit is manually. And the solids and water quality after separation cannot be adjusted. Below are some feature of GNWTU-50A Wastewater Treatment Unit.

The chemical dosing unit is suitable for liquid chemical only. The Unit is a special designed for construction mud settlement, industrial waste water settlement. Maximum discharge rate up to 50m3/h.

The chemically enhanced separation reduces the suspended solids content below 50 mg/litre so that the treated water can be either discharged into the public drainage system or recycled for further use.

If the clients do not have high separation demands for the recovered water, they only want to separate as more waste water as apossible with the low cost, they can choose GNWTU-50A Wastewater Treatment Unit.

Another option is Chemical enhanced decanter centrifuge separation. It is precision separation. The solids discharged from chemical enhanced decanter centrifuge are dryer, and the recovered water is clean. But the cost is higher. As the chemical dosing system is in this proposal is automatically and all components are fixed into a 20ft fabricated container.

The decanter centrifuge is high speed C/W VFD control panel. The discharge solids and water quality can be adjusted while adjusting the centrifuge bowl speed and conveyor speed. The solids and water quality can also be adjusted while the feeding rate is changed. The less the feeding rate, the better the separation result (the solids is more dryer and water the clearer).

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