Mud Gas Separator

While our function of  solids and liquid separation is really easy to say  but in the background there are a lot of factors that are going on and we don’t see them or hear about them much. As one of them is the Mud Gas Separator. It not only takes out the gases from your mud or slurry but also removes the toxic gas that could harm one. It is designed for continued drilling in underbalanced conditions where dramatic pressure surges normally. Our GN Mud Gas Separator is manufactured according to API and ISO standards. While not just improving the production of the product flow and assisting the process to work better. It saves time and funds due to providing the material to be processed without additional gases that could slow the process. The gas cut mud enters the flow line of unit, where it hits a series of baffle plates. These plates provide surface area for the dispersion of the gas cut mud. This routed mud to solids control equipment for further processing, meanwhile the separated gas travels to the flare line at top of unit to vented safely  from the rig. There are a few different types of mud gas separators, Today we are talking about a “poor boy separator”, it is really simple but unique and effective. Our model GNZYQ1000A is 1000m in diameter. It has a capacity of 200-280 m3/h. Four inch inlet and ten inch outlet with vent line of eight inch. It weights 2411 kilo grams and is 5681 mm in height. It is a large size equipment but has a compact footprint. There are also other types of degassers, some are vacuum degassers and centrifugal degassers. They are machine operated and require a current of electricity for operation to be functional.  They are very different in sizes and dimensions, but have same function. Yet they are placed in different area of process control.  Our products assist not just with better functionality but also safety of the operations. At GN Solids we manufacture the best product with different variety and above all, our pricing is unbeatable.  Mud Gas separator