Mud recovery system for workover rigs

GN Solids Control makes various sizes drilling mud solids control system for various sizes workover rigs. The most popular drilling mud systems are made for 550 hp workover rigs and 750HP workover rigs.

There are the active mud tank system, mud mixing system and mud reserve system equipped for workover rigs.

1) The Trip tank with trip pump and a small mud agitator.

2) Active tank system is equipped with separation and mixing equipment. Below are the popular equipment used in active mud tank:

1 2021.11.24 Mud Tank System

1 ~ 3 Shale shakers and mud cleaner. If for 550 hp workover rigs and 750HP workover rigs, clients can choose a shale shaker. Or choose 2 shale shakers: one for use, the other one is for back up.

Some times, clients will choose a vacuum degasser after shale shaker and before mud cleaner. GN Solids Control vacuum degasser is self-suction type. There is a small vacuum pump inside the mud vacuum degasser. Clients do not need to equip a separate feeding pump. It saves power and save space.

The mud cleaner can be 1000 GPM and 1500 GPM models to suit for the mud system handling capacity. For the 2 mud cleaner models, the under flow shale shaker model is the same. For 1000GPM mud cleaner, there is 2 no. 10 inch desander cones with 12 no. 4 inch desilter cones. For 1500 GPM mud cleaner, there is 3 no. 10 inch desander cones and 16 no. 4 inch desilter cones.

Mixing hopper or mud shearing hopper with mixing pump to prepare qualified new mud for the drilling rigs.
3)Mud suction tank. There is charging pump / pumps connected to suction tank and feed mud for drilling rig mud pumps.

4) Centrifugal pumps are widely used in the drilling mud recovering system. The pump can be used to feed for desander and desilter cones. And the centrifugal pump is also used as charging pump for mud pump, and mixing pump for the mixing system.


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