New Design on GN Third Generation Decanter Centrifuge

As a leading manufacturer of oilfield solids control application dewatering decanter centrifuge, GN Solids America is keeping improving its products quality and performance stability. Especially for the decanter centrifuge, GN has now designed the third generation with some design on consideration of the working convenience and long time stable working.

Decanter Centrifuge

GN first generation decanter centrifuge is with main motor and back located on both sides of the rotation bowl. For fixed speed model, the control panel is located between 2 motors. When open the cover of the collecting box, you will found it is impossible to open the cover completely as the control panel is in the way of opening the cover. The operator need hold the cover all the time while making inspection on the bowl. For the second generation decanter centrifuge, the designer take the location of the control panel and easy open the bowl cover into consideration. So, the main motor and back are designed to locate at the same side. The main motor directly drives the bowl while the back motor drives the screw propeller through belt pulley. It saves large space to put the fixed speed control panel. And the operator can open the collecting box cover very easy. Moreover, there is a design of supporting bar at both sides of the cover, when you open the cover completely, the cover would be supported and the operator could make inspection of the bowl with two hands.

GN Solids America is keeping perfecting the design and eliminating the disadvantages of the products. The upcoming third generation decanter centrifuge is a best example. It keeps all the excellent design of GN 2nd generation centrifuge. On the basis of that, the third generation is with the feed tube installed at the big end (liquid port) which could eliminate the accumulation of the solids inside the screw then to extend the life time of the feed tube. At the solid discharge port, it adds another 2 plows to prevent the solids accumulation, and on the above of the solids discharge port, there is a semi-round baffle plate which could stop most of the solids spraying onto the inner wall of the collection box. At the small end of the bowl, there are 2 scrapers which would prevent the accumulated solids to wear the bolts on the end.

GN now have several unit third generation decanter centrifuge under manufacturing process, if you are interested, please feel free to tell us, we also can provide the shaker screen worldwide.

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