Oil based mud  cuttings dryer and Centrifuge for overseas client

GN Solids Control finished a package of oil base mud and cuttings treatment unit for an overseas client. The major separation equipped in the drilling waste management system is vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge.

The vertical cuttings dryer model is GNCD930. GN Solids Control drilling waste Vertical Cutting Dryer applies centrifugal force to separate and recover oil based mud and cuttings, as well as synthetic base mud and cuttings.

2022.07.14 Vertical Cuttings Dryer

The stainless steel screen basket with rotor assembly traps “wet” solids and accelerates them up 900RPM with G force to 420G. Usable drilling mud or oil slurry will be forced through the screen basket openings, and the oversize solids phase are extracted by the angled flights attached to the cone, which rotate slightly slower than the bowl. Tungsten carbide protects the scrapers from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life.

There is a gap with certain distance between the screen basket and rotor assembly, keep the accurate gap between them are essential for proper separation.

2022.07.14 Solids Control Centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge model used in the drilling cuttings treatment system is 14inch, the model is GNLW363. It is the most popular size centrifuge model used in oil and gas drilling field. There are 2 decanter centrifuges used in the drilling waste management system. One centrifuge is used for drilling mud solids control, another decanter centrifuge is used after vertical cuttings dryer to further clean the recovered liquid phase. The 14inch decanter centrifuge design speed is 3900 rpm, and the typical bowl speed can up to 3600RPM. As the too fast speed request more frequency check and maintenance on the centrifuge. And if over 3200rpm, the high G force may damage the mud composite. But mostly when delivery from GN Solids Control factory, the max. Typical bowl speed is set up to 3200rpm.

The drilling cuttings treatment system is customized per client’s request. The vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuges with accessory device are all allocated in a fabricated container for keeping temperature and for easy movement.

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