Procedure to Start Up and Shut Down GN Decanter Centrifuge

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd was established in 2007 with the vision to provide the best product and service to its clients, making it a policy that to improve its product and service continuously. After around 8 years’ development and growth, GN Solids Control made breakthroughs on designs of its waste management equipment such as High G shaker, Vertical Cutting Dryer and Decanter Centrifuge. The newly updated equipment is specially designed to treat drilling waste.  After updating the decanter centrifuge, accordingly the user manual is updated. Firstly, how to start up and shut down the decanter centrifuge by handling the electric control cabinet?

Below chart is the buttons and indicator lights on the electric control cabinet through which the decanter centrifuge will start up and shut down.

1 4 7
 Indicator Light of Back-Drive Motor  Indicator Light of Main Motor Operation  Indicator Light of Feed Pump
2 3 5 6 8 9
Switch On Button of Back Drive Motor Switch off Button of Back Drive Motor Switch On Button of Main Motor Switch Off Button of Main Motor Switch On Button of Feed Pump Switch Off Button of Feed Pump
10 11 12 13
Power Supply Incoming Port Main Motor Outgoing Port Back Drive Motor Outgoing Port Feed Pump Outgoing Port

Step to Start Up:

1. Connect the power supplydecanter centrifuge 3

2. Push button 2 to start the back drive motor; consequently indicator light 1 turns on. (Check if the motor rotating direction confirms to the indicating arrow)

3. Push button 5 to start the main motor; consequently indicator light 4 turns on after it runs normally and stably.

4. Push button 8 to start the feed pump when the main motor’s rotating speed reaches to the rated, consequently indicator light 7 turns on and feeding starts.

Step to Shut Down

1. Firstly push button 9 to shut down the feed pump

2. Press button 6 to shut down the main motor, consequently indicator light 4 turns off. Waiting till the main motor completely stops.

3. Press button 3 to shut down the back drive motor when the main motor completely stops. When indicator light 1 turns off, the back drive motor stops.



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