SRU (Solids Removal Unit) for Core Drilling and Diamond drilling

For customers who are looking for a solid removal unit for using in Core Drilling and Diamond drilling, GN Solids Control must be one of the best choices to them. GN Solids Control makes SRU (Solids Removal Unit) for Core Drilling and Diamond drilling with difference standards.

GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) is a closed loop fluids treatment system. The unit is designed to recycle the drilling fluids from mineral, core drilling, and diamond drilling, and mix new qualified fluids for drilling rigs.

Solids remove unit for diamond drilling

Solids remove unit for diamond drilling

GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) does significantly reduce the waste output, and improve the drilling efficiency. GN SRU (Solids Removal Unit) is the best unit to the applications.

GNSR-150L is a standard design, and it is also the most popular solids removal unit (SRU) for mining, core drilling and diamond drilling. The unit (GNSR-150L) is complete with tank system, shale shaker, centrifuge, feeding pump, and electrical control system that suits for outdoor applications.

GNSR-150L SRU (Solids Removal Unit) is with a very compact design with all necessary function. GNSR-150L SRU (Solids Removal Unit) is equipped with a small footprint shale shaker GNZS752E-DM, the shale shaker is for the first stage separation.
After shale shaker treatment, a mini size decanter centrifuge GNLW223C-GP is followed to remove the fine solids and reduce the mud weight.

A mixing hopper is located on the top of the tank for mud mixing. A centrifugal pump (5.5kw) is allocated on the tank slope to feed for the mini size decanter centrifuge and mix mud for the hopper on tank top.

Customers who are looking for solids removal unit (SRU) can contact GN Solids Control by 4Ă—24 hour service line, or send emails to sales@gnsolidscontrol. com get more support and information.
GN Solids Control can also offer customized solids removal unit (SRU) per clients’ request.

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