The maintained process of decanter centrifuge

During the oil well drilling, the decanter centrifuge for purify drilling fluid commonly use in the mud cleaning system.  It is the last stage of filtration of very small solid debris whose diameter size are 2-7 μm from the drilling fluid.  The usage of decanter centrifuge to filter the fine solids in the mud, the mud can lubricate well for the drill bits that is using.  It also can improve the speed of the drilling bit as well.  With the well drilling industry ways and the technologies are getting more advances, the drilling fluid centrifuge manufacture technology also improved as well such as better casting material, cost of manufacture the machine is reduce too. However, there are mechanical issues if not solved it will give the driller many function problems.

Manufacturer like GN Solids America LLC often seen driller encounter issues below:

  1. Bowl fault.
    2. Consumable parts (inlet pipe, shockproof strip) problem.
    3. Excessive vibration wile machine is currently working.
    4. Outlet blocking by solids wish to remove from fluid.
    5. Explosion-proof plug damage.
    6. Centrifuge scroll damage.
    7. Bearings failure while process of operation.
    8. Drilling fluid centrifuge hoses damage.

Manufacturer like GN Solids America LLC suggest below if driller facing during the process of the drilling fluid.

decanter centrifuge-2

Regular maintenance on the decanter centrifuge such as regularly  washing the inlet and outlet by filling water or diesel is major step to avoid serious breakdown.  It is also crucial that  add lubrications  to the bearing parts to ensure proper lubrication.

Driller needs schedule inspection in timely base on checking wear and tear parts on the drilling fluid decanter centrifuge.  In order to ensure the process in the use of these parts in regular drilling operation which influences the effective of oil well drilling. The electronic parts of the centrifuge are working the best by running certain period of time frame (like none-stop for hours) and  avoid rapidly turn on and off  of the centrifuge often can make sure less-failure of the parts as well.


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