water Well Drilling Customer Bought Mud Cleaner GNZS594E-2S12N

GN Solids Control provides the going mud recycling equipment for any kind of drilling projects. One purchaser, from USA water properly drilling company, ordered one unit GNZS594E-2S12N mud better used in their project to get drilling mud separation.
GNZS594E-2S12N mud cleaner is with potential of 1000GPM tested with mud density 10 ppg, viscosity 45s and by utilizing the wire mesh screen API 40. This unit consists of 2 pieces 10 half inch de-sander cyclones and 10 pieces 4 inch de-silter cyclones, which ensure often the separation point down to all around 15 microns. With the within located shale shaker system, the screen could make typically the slurry discharged out of the cyclones much dryer.
Customer have already got the primary shale shaker model, what they need is the off-road cleaner unit. Thanks for the customer’s business to GN Hues Control; this is the first time GN solids control deal with this customer. GN’s sufficient history project collection convinced the customer that GN’s products are top quality. And the selling price advantage promoted the customer to use the order to GN.

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“Can you provide us the dimensions of the mud cleaner system? We want to put this system on a mud tank. ” Once the customer asked people, and we provided the drawing connected with installation dimension to the consumer, which makes the customer more confident about us. There is no problem to enable them to put the mud cleaner device on their existing mud aquarium.
GN always keeps often the mud cleaner and shale shaker unit stock throughout Houston warehouse; this is also a vital factor of the customer acquiring from us, as their ask was very urgent. Here, GN still has 4 models mud cleaner 1000GPM along with 9 units shale shaker 600GPM stock available in Freeport warehouse. To provide a better right after sales service for providing the wear part of shaker screen, GN also has total API numbers screens within stock for the shale shaker and mud cleaner.
Please be absolutely no hesitate to contact with us when any request aroused.

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