14 inch Oilfield decanter centrifuge for liquid and solids separation

14 inch decanter centrifuge is the most popular centrifuge in oil and gas drilling field. The 14 inch decanter centrifuge for oilfield can be equipped as high speed centrifuge for fine solids separation, like to remove the ultrafine solids in drilling fluids in order to reduce the mud weight, or equipped as middle speed / low speed centrifuge to recover barite. The recovered barite can be used again by adding into drilling mud system by the mud mixing hopper system.fhd-decanter-centrifuge-2017

GN Solids Control is capacity to make different standard of 14 inch decanter centrifuge to suit for different clients and suit for different applications.

GN Solids Control is only focusing on international market and China domestic big customers. High quality and reliable services is the most importance. Below are only some differences of GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges with other centrifuge suppliers:

1) Bowl material: Other companies normally make centrifuge bowl from SS316 or SS304 by casting. While GN Solids Control make centrifuge bowl from Duplex Stainless Steel 2304 by centrifugal casting. The material grade and production technology are both higher than others.

2) Screw Protection: Other companies make Screw Protection by Tungsten Carbide welding. It is easy for production. But it is easy to be worn out. And after wearing out, it is difficult for maintenance.
While GN Solids Control makes Screw Protection by Tungsten Carbide Tiles. The Tungsten Carbide Tiles can service for longer life time, and it is easier for replacement.

3) VFD control panel: Other centrifuge companies are normally not capacity to make control panels. They need to outsource control panels for their centrifuges. Most centrifuge suppliers normally make flame proof VFD panel with fan for cooling. Few companies have experience for positive pressurized VFD control panel, never mention experience for VFD panel with vortex cooling system or EX A/C cooling system. VFD panel material is normally made from carbon steel.

GN Solids Control has his own electrical control panel department. GN Solids Control VFD panels are positive pressurized, with EX A/C cooling system to suit for high ambient temperature areas. GN Solids Control VFD control panel panel material is stainless steel.

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