Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment to Brunei

Last week, a decanter centrifuge for oil sludge treatment was dispatched from GN Solids Control factory in Beijing. The decanter centrifuge for oil sludge treatment will be shipped to a client in Brunei.

The model of the decanter centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment to Brunei is GNLW363C-VFD. It is the most popular 14inch decanter centrifuge with positive pressurized VFD control panel. GN Solids Control is capacity to offer different standard and different designs VFD control panel to suit for different clients and different application. GN Solids Control can offer Explosion proof VFD panel for Zone 1 or Zone 2 applications.2020.03.12 Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment

GN Solids Control can offer positive pressurized VFD panel with explosion proof air conditioner cooling system for high ambient temperature area up to +55 C degree, or with compact design vortex cooling system for ambient temperature areas up to +40 C degree. Other centrifuge suppliers usually offer VFD control panel with only 1 VFD control for main motor drive, or 2 VFD drives for main drive motor and back motor. But GN Solids Control standard design is 3 VFD drives for main drive motor, back drive motor, and for the feeding screw pump motor.

Besides VFD control centrifuge with different cooling system, GN Solids Control is also capacity to make fixed speed control decanter centrifuge and high standard full hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge (FHD decanter centrifuge). The full hydraulic drive (FHD) system GN Solids Control is applied for FHD decanter centrifuge is imported from Viscotherm from European, which is one of the most famous brand offer hydraulic driving system.2020.03.12 Oil Sludge Treatment Equimpent

The decanter centrifuge can be used to treat oil sludge, which is generated from oil and gas drilling oil base mud, from refinery plants, from tank cleaner, from the tank bottom sludge, from crude oil tanks, from vessel tanks. These are only some applications of GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge. The decanter centrifuge also can be used for other applications in other field. Like for dewater separation, for waste oil and water treatment, for barite recovery, etc…

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