Flare type poor boy degasser

Flare kind poor boy Vacuum Degasser is usually a preferred sort poor boy degasser connected having a flare igniter.
Traits of flare sort poor boy degasser
Flare kind poor boy Vacuum Degasser is surely an reputable and crucial security gear for drilling operations. It may be great for use specifically where drilling is almost absolutely to encounter important volumes of gas, sour gas or when an operator is drilling with an below balanced mud column.
Vent line of flare type poor boy degasser
Flare sort poor boy Vacuum Degasser is equipped with U-tube vent line with min. length 50m, diameter eight?The vent line lead the hazardous gas to remote safety region and fire it.
Parameters of flare variety poor boy Vacuum Degasser
Model GNZYQ1000A
Tank diameter 1000mm
Capacity 200~280m3/h
Inlet four Inch
Output ten Inch
Vent Line eight Inch
Weight 2234Kg
Vacuum degasser connected with poor boy degasser
There ordinarily vacuum degasser in mud plan just just soon after shale shaker. Some time, the gas from vacuum degasser discharged straight to atmosphere. In some case, the drilling internet net website will connect vent line of vacuum degasser with poor bog degasser vent line, to fire the gas appropriate straight away after separated.

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