Top Economic 500GMP Mud System for HDD Project

GN has designed a variety of mud system to all over the world including oil & gas drilling industry, CBM and HDD project. There is a 500GPM mud system for Middle East.


1.There are three compartments in the mud tank, which is Shaker compartment, mud-cleaner compartment, mixing compartment.

2. GNYZ series submersible slurry pump provide the slurry from mud pit to GN shale shaker

3. Under the 40 mesh shaker screen, three panels and large screen area GNZS703 is able to handle with 528GPM fluid with excellent working performance

4.1# centrifugal pump transport the fluid from shaker compartment to de sander unit.2# centrifugal pump will transport the fluids from de sander compartment to de silter unit for the final process

5. Second and third cleaning steps make up mud cleaner which is GNZJ703E shale shaker, one unit 10″ de sander cone and eight  unit 4″ cones

6. Integral mixing system GNSLS35A-300 Jet Mud mixer which efficiency in blending chemical such as bentonite, polymers and other powder additives with drilling fluid.

GN 500 GPM mud system is a compact and user friendly solids control design. For your project, please contact with GN Solids control.


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