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GN Stocked Solids Control Products in Houston for America Clients

GN Stocked Solids Control Products in Houston for America Clients
GN Solids America, as the first one solids control equipment brand coming from Cina, owns 30, 000 SF warehouse in Houston, Mississippi. To eliminate the disadvantage of very long time delivery from China to America countries and bring considerably more cost benefit to the clientele. GN Solids America generally keeps the main equipment including shale shaker, mud Cleaner and decanter centrifuge inside Houston warehouse. The stockroom is located together with the sales business office, it is very convenient for clientele come to see the equipment and still have a business conference.

The supply list is as below:
Shale shaker unit for both the major solids control application as well as high G force machine drying shaker for waste cuttings drying.
Mud cleaner with de-sander and de-silter cyclones for second and 3 rd stages solids control, within installed shale shaker may be the same model with shaker inventory.
Decanter centrifuge 14” bowl size with RPM max. 3200, both permanent speed and VFD design available. This centrifuge provides various applications like barite recovery, fine solids spliting up and waste cuttings blow drying effluence polishing. We even have centrifuge telescopic frame in Freeport warehouse.
Vertical cuttings dryer unit especially for waste cuttings management application could efficiently dry the cuttings to help make the transportation of solids discharges easy.
All the equipments with this inventory are with IEC explosion proof certificates that may be used for hazardous area Category 1, Division 2; this may be widely acceptable by N . and South America customers.

What you need know about GN Solids America
Headquarters GN Solids Control is the first API certified manufacturer of solids control equipment
Over 60 countries site proven GN’s equipment with good functionality and low maintenance frequency and charge. These feedbacks are originating from entire oil drilling web site, HDD projects and other going industries.
Made in China having competitive price and excessive international high quality standard, the main is GN Solids America could send engineer from your States for after revenue service.
For the clients by USA, GN also will the rental business for the devices in the inventory. GN Solids America is not only an products distributor, but also a assimilate solution provider for going fluids solids control system and waste cuttings management system.

Contact with GN Solids America
• Company: GN Solids America LLC
• Solids Control Equipment for sale in stock
• Add: 6710 Windfern Road, Harrisburg, TX 77040, USA
• TEL: +1-713-320-3868 / +1-713-8780880
• Email: sales@gnsolidscontrol. com
• Web:

mud Recycling System to The european union with CE Certificate

As being a leading manufacturer of mud recycling system, GN solids control is devoted to provide customers with high top quality products. After several years’ business marketing in European countries, GN now has established the company relation with many industrial customers. Moreover, GN now might provide the complete mud these recycling system with CE document Verified by DNV.

GN just finished the architecture of the mud recycling system used for water well going for a Europe customer. Nothing like the oil drilling and enormous capacity no dig going, which always includes full some stages solids separation devices, this mud recycling system only has 2 levels: primary shale shaker in addition to decanter centrifuge unit. This kind of design is based on the obtain of separation result. Often water well drilling is absolutely not so deep, and the providers always take the drilling fee into consideration. This 2 phases design saves a lot with equipment configuration by getting rid of the de-sander and de-silter cyclone.

Water well going mud recycling system setup;
1 . A mud container is always required to mount often the shale shaker and centrifuge unit on it so that each of the equipment could be assembled as one skid package. The magnetic tank is also used to acquire the mud coming down from shaker and effluence from centrifuge. The transferring pump motor is also mounted on this soil tank.
2 . To further may help coarse solid particles, the double layer shale shaker is used with upper stratum coarse mesh screen along with lower layer fine nylon uppers screen. Total 2 tiers, 3 panels screen might make the drilling mud offered feeding to the centrifuge.
three or more. A baby size centrifuge using RPM of 3800 may remove the solids down to a couple of microns. After treated with the centrifuge, the drilling soil could be reused.
4. Additionally a PD pump is used in order to transfer the mud coming from tank compartment under the shaker to the centrifuge for perfecting. GN provides the PD water pump body material stainless steel.

It is GN’s concept to provide customer along with top quality products. And GN Solids Control also thinks by standing up same side with buyer to reduce the cost. It is not one of the most expensive, but the suitable is the better.

water Well Drilling Customer Bought Mud Cleaner GNZS594E-2S12N

GN Solids Control provides the going mud recycling equipment for any kind of drilling projects. One purchaser, from USA water properly drilling company, ordered one unit GNZS594E-2S12N mud better used in their project to get drilling mud separation.
GNZS594E-2S12N mud cleaner is with potential of 1000GPM tested with mud density 10 ppg, viscosity 45s and by utilizing the wire mesh screen API 40. This unit consists of 2 pieces 10 half inch de-sander cyclones and 10 pieces 4 inch de-silter cyclones, which ensure often the separation point down to all around 15 microns. With the within located shale shaker system, the screen could make typically the slurry discharged out of the cyclones much dryer.
Customer have already got the primary shale shaker model, what they need is the off-road cleaner unit. Thanks for the customer’s business to GN Hues Control; this is the first time GN solids control deal with this customer. GN’s sufficient history project collection convinced the customer that GN’s products are top quality. And the selling price advantage promoted the customer to use the order to GN.

“Mud Cleaner GNZS594E-2S12N”的图片搜索结果
“Can you provide us the dimensions of the mud cleaner system? We want to put this system on a mud tank. ” Once the customer asked people, and we provided the drawing connected with installation dimension to the consumer, which makes the customer more confident about us. There is no problem to enable them to put the mud cleaner device on their existing mud aquarium.
GN always keeps often the mud cleaner and shale shaker unit stock throughout Houston warehouse; this is also a vital factor of the customer acquiring from us, as their ask was very urgent. Here, GN still has 4 models mud cleaner 1000GPM along with 9 units shale shaker 600GPM stock available in Freeport warehouse. To provide a better right after sales service for providing the wear part of shaker screen, GN also has total API numbers screens within stock for the shale shaker and mud cleaner.
Please be absolutely no hesitate to contact with us when any request aroused.

GN HDD Mud System is utilizing in China

GN solids Control is leading company from China who has been taking care of solids control for many years. Right now GN Solids Control provides two branch companies, an example may be GN Solids America LLC (which is located in Houston, TX), the other one is GN Solid control Russia (which is located in Moscow, Russia). Many large online businesses are using GN mud methods to separate the solids through fluids.
Just some days just before, GN Solids Control offered one set of GNMS-500GL mud method for one HDD client. The particular treating capacity of this method is 500 GPM. With an additional mud tank, it can be utilized to storage more mud what exactly is HDD area.

CNPC jobsite waste management centrifuge
GN Solid Control professional engineers visited the worksite and made it easier for this client to set up it, trained the onsite workers. All the after sales services was only last for one week, it can be used proficiently by operators, the 7 days furthermore including the guidance of the arrangement this mud system.
This specific 500 GPM mud program for HDD is such as the following equipments:
1 . A single set GN Shale Shaker
The mud after going the horizontal drilling rigs will be sent to the shaker in advance. By using different API no . shaker screens, GN shakers can be used to separating several solids size. Generally speaking, allergens larger than 100 microns will likely be separated by shaker.
installment payments on your One set GN Dirt Cleaner
Fluids will be send in the mud cleaner regarding finer separation after handled by GN shaker. 2 different size cyclones will certainly separate the solids coming from 100 microns to 20 microns. Here is a 2 period separation: the 10 in . cyclones separate solids bigger than 50 microns, while the some inch cyclones separated debris larger than 25 microns.
three. One set GN Aircraft Mud Mixer
GN Aircraft Mud Mixer is efficiently used to add chemicals inside the drilling fluids so they can end up being reused for horizontal going again.
4. Three Models GN Centrifugal Pumps
A couple pumps are used to feed into your mud cleaner, while another centrifugal pump is used for you to pump the chemicals in the soil tank.
5. One Established Mud Tank
There are also several light on the tank to supply a better working condition.

Pitless drilling mud system for oil & gas drilling

Pitless drilling mud system/ drilling cuttings treatment system is one of the main products for GN solids control, also called no-pit drilling waste management system. It has been a new trend for the oil & gas drilling in the countries which issued new regulations of environmental protection, especially for earth recovery after drilling.

drilling waste management equipment

GN has provided various solutions for our clients in domestic and international clients for their different requirement, with the best result and reasonable price. Traditional oil drilling will keep the drilling waste discharged from solids control system in a big pond/ pit near the rig. In some drilling sites, there are drilling waste management system to reduce the drilling waste and ship the dry waste by truck, and recycle the useful fluids to prepare for new drilling fluids. In some other sites, there are not drilling cuttings treatment system, they only remain them there, when it is full, they will use a waste truck to ship them to a facility for treating. During the transferring, the fluids waste will spray out and damage the earth nearby. The new trend is to reduce the pit or no pit at the drilling site. The idea is to improve the solids control system efficiency and connect it with drilling waste management system. The dry waste will be collected by screw conveyor continuously and finally transferred to cuttings box. When the cuttings box is full, it will be transferred by the truck as landfill or construction industry. There is no drilling waste hazardous leaved on the ground during the drilling process.

Our designed pitless mud system including water based mud treatment and oil based cuttings zero discharge. Pls send us your project details, our sales engineer will give you proper solution. We can both sell you new zero-discharge system and also updated your existing solids control system with adding a drilling cuttings treatment system.

GN economic separation plant for construction machine.

GN main business field is for oil & gas drilling. GN can offer whole line of solids control equipment, but GN can also offer economic separation plant for construction machine. Recently, GN shipped several units of desander separation plant for construction machine. The desander machine can be used for bored pile foundation or TBM as well as the horizontal directional drilling projects.


Working principle of desander separation plant.

1) we match a same flow rate slurry pump. Transferring dirty mud from mud pit to separation plant down deck shaker screen.

2) Generally, we recommend 20mesh screen / 40mesh screen to separate the coarse solids from the dirty mud

3) The fluids will go down to the catch tank.  After that, we design centrifugal pump to transferring the mud to desander cones and separate the above 50microns solids particles.

However, GN main field is oil & gas drilling, as well as HDD drilling. Working principle of GN solids control equipment

1) Shale shaker, the first phase of mud recycling system, removes the particles above 100microns.

2) desander, the second phase of mud recycling system, remove the particles about 40-70microns.

3) desilter, the third phase of mud recycling system, remove the particles about 25-40 microns.

4) vacuum degasser, remove the gas-cut drilling mud.

5) decanter centrifuge, the fourth phase of mud recycling system, remove the particles about 2-5 microns.

6) mud agitator, mud gun, mud mixing unit, mud tanks, centrifugal pumps, are also necessary equipment for mud recycling system.


Except for above equipment, GN can also offer drilling waste management equipment, like waste management vertical cuttings dryer, waste management decanter centrifuge, High G drying shaker,  solidification unit, thermal desorption unit etc. GN can offer turnkey solution for the solids control system & drilling waste management system.

Drilling Cuttings Box For Oil Field Drilling Job Site

Drilling cuttings box is designed to transport drilling cuttings , solids out of desander , solids out of desilter and solids out of decanter centrifuge or pit cleaning waste during drilling operation . The drilling cuttings box transport by fork lift and set container loading point normally .The drilling cuttings box will be fully enclosed with a lifting frame and a large sealing door designed for filling and emptying , the cuttings box can be provided with certified lifting slings and discharge door has an internal seal for secure when transport .

A typical drilling cuttings box has an internal volume of 2.3 cubic meters and the size can be changeableinfact . The gross weight of 8000 KG is allowed the drilling cuttings box to be filled with an maximum of about 6600 KG of drilling cuttings or other drilling waste . There are fork lift working point for easy moving for fork lift .

Modular Drilling Waste Management

The drilling cuttings from shale shaker will be depending on drilling conditions , normally the drilling size larger than 100 microns cause screen minimum normally 150 mesh size and drilling solids from desander will be larger than 50 microns , desilter solids will be larger than 20 microns . Different machine will produce different size drilling solids , decanter centrifuge will separate solids 2 to 7 microns , if client using middle speed centrifuge , solids above 7 microns but the solids will be finer if they use a high speed decanter centrifuge .

GN Solids mainly supply solids control equipment which can separate drilling solids or drilling cuttings from drilling mud , drilling waste management system which is the try drilling cuttings or recycling drilling fluids from solids particals . But we supply drilling cutting box also to assist with GN Solids equipment and service for all client .

Oil Service Giants’ Solutions Facing the Low Oil Price Background

In the past year, the crude oil price has broken many people’s hearts and it seems far from being recovered in the near future. Some people say that this situation will last 2 or 3 years, as is the positive expect. While per the negative respect, this bad situation would continue for at least 5 years.

The usage of crude oil couldn’t be ceased because the modern economy and citizens’ lives are dependent on the crude oil, the oil companies have to find ways to limit the budget. Such influence has to be laid onto the oil service companies. As the oil companies and oil service companies are inter-dependent on each other, there’s no doubt, in order to retain the certain share of the oil service company, the oil service companies have to share some burden of loads for the oil companies for a long term

The oil service giants who occupy one quarter of the oil serving markets of the world took following methods to make sure their market share and benefit:

1. some of them are buying in other similar companies, Halliburton merged Baker Hudges, and etc.

2. they lowered down the service price to cover some price lost from oil for the oil companies.

3. they are providing new types of services to get more benefits.

It is not easy work to provide the same service at a lower price, that’s why to find a more cost-effective way is very important. GN Solids Control, as TOP solids control manufacturer in China, has been the equipment supplier of the oil service companies for many years. In this year, GN has proved its equipments as always, and also designed out some new application of equipment for the service companies, which could play an more efficient application while at a lower price. Recently, we finish one set mud mixing system for South America Client. They use this mixing system to perfect liquid mud plant. The client is GN VIP client with over 3 year’s relationship; they have used our shale shaker,decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, centrifugal pump before. Mainly equipment of this order including:

GN Solids America is the first USA based China solids control company. GN’s products are equal in quality and performance as its US and European peers. It is sure to better serve the end users.