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GN Decanter centrifuge and shaker screen get Houston warehouse

We will have stock shaker screen, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer as well as shale shaker in inventory in our Houston facility. Following we sell some merchandise, we will supply it all over again from China headquarter. We only need one batch of decanter centrifuges and shaker screen received from Houston seaport. The portion equipment include: 2 models GNLW223 decanter centrifuge, as well as 7 pcs wooden containers of shaker screen. The actual Mini centrifuge GNLW223 is usually used for diamond drilling, mining or prospecting, piling, or other development industry. The shaker screen is used as replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker screen, Derrick DE1000 shaker screen, Nov brandt king cobra shaker screen etc . In year connected with 2014, one client by Canada bought 10 models GNLW223 MINI centrifuge regarding diamond drilling project. The particular fine work performance in addition to lower price make clients happy and we build long term romance after that order.

decanter centrifuge-2

1) Except intended for GNLW223, what model centrifuge do GN have
GN have different model centrifuge several purpose. Decanter centrifuge is utilized more widely, different bowl measurement centrifuge with different speed, can function for different application. We have only 1 model for vertical cuttings dryer, but we have one particular family model for centrifuge.
GNLW553 and GNLW453 is definitely GN big bowl, major volume centrifuge which is used regarding fast drilling. But basically, not too many clients want to use these kinds of model centrifuges because of the bigger price.

GNLW363 is the most well-known model centrifuge which can be utilized for different purpose. The 14inch bowl centrifuge is equivalent to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA brand decanter  centrifuge, eg. Derrick DE1000 centrifuge or Swaco 518 centrifuge.
GNLW363 centrifuge can be used for oil drilling solids control or drilling waste management. The speed are adjustable by variable speed control panel stepless. This centrifuge can also used for waste h2o treatment with super broadband 3800RPM.

2) What shaker screen do GN have?

GN can offer different brand substitution shaker screen, including substitute shaker screen for Derrick, NOV and Swaco.


Other equipment also tock in Houston ,such as shear pump, shale shker, mud agitator etc. welcome to contract us to know more information about solids control equipment.

How to transfer drilling cuttings, pump and conveyors

In order to treat the drilling cuttings, operators need to find the best way to transfer the drilling cuttings to the treatment equipment like high G drying shaker and vertical G cuttings dryer. The most popular way for transfer drilling cuttings is the screw conveyors (Auger Conveyor), and the drilling cuttings transfer pump.

Part 1) Screw Conveyor for Drilling cuttings transfer

Screw conveyor is also called Auger Conveyor, it is one of the most popular equipment for transfer drilling cuttings. The advantages for the Auger conveyor is the simple design, and easy operation, as well as a long length for picking up the cuttings discharged from the shale shakers or mud cleaners on the drilling rig mud tanks. The disadvantages are that, it is not easy to layout for transfer from one equipment to the other, especially for the long distance. Since the conveyor cannot lay at degree over 45 degree. And it is not good to transfer drilling cuttings with high moisture.

160520 Waste Management

Part 2) Vacuum Pump or Solids Pump for drilling cuttings transfer.

The vacuum pump or solids pump are used to transfer drilling cuttings. The big advantages are long distance transfer with easy layout, and it can be use for transfer high moisture drilling cuttings. The vacuum pump or solids pump are driven by air, so it is safe to operate in hazards  areas to be explosion proof. The disadvantage are the power consumption for creating air, and not suitable to pick up drilling cuttings from different equipment like the shale shakers and mud cleaners on the mud tank.


So most of the cases, operators will combine the drilling cuttings screw conveyor and the solids pump together to transfer drilling cuttings to the treatment equipment.


GN Solids Control is able to provide you the screw conveyor and drilling cuttings transfer pump for the waste management operations. Also high G drying shaker and vertical cuttings dryers are available from GN factory in stock.

Knowledge about the difference of Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management

In this article, we mainly introduce the different between “Solids Control” & “Drilling Waste Management”.

“Solids control” & “Drilling Waste Management” are frequently heard with the drilling mud, what is the difference between them?

Simply, we can say for the “Solids control”, it is to separate out the solid phase from the liquid-phase mud; for the “Drilling waste management”, it is to separate out the liquid phase from the solid-phase drilling waste;

  1. Solids Control

Drilling mud is the necessary material for the drilling work especially in the oil & gas drilling, there will be a lot of drilling cuttings when the mud circulates out from the well hole, which will influence the physical property of mud and the mud must be treated before going into the well hole again.

The treatment process with the drilling mud is called “Solids Control”, because mainly the drilling cuttings are the solid particles with different sizes, it is called “Solids Control”.

During the treatment process, the solids control equipments like Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, Decanter Centrifuge, Centrifugal Pump, Mud Tank, Mud Agitator will be used;

Usually the treatment process is exited on the well site;

Mud handling equipments and mud tanks

  1. Drilling Waste Management

During the “Solids Control” process, the separated out solid particles or drilling cuttings by the equipments like shaker, desander, deacnter centrifuge are same called as “Drilling Waste”.

Usually the drilling waste will be temporarily collected and poured into a pit on the well site. Then regularly they will be transported to the special facility for accepting the treatment, the “treatment process” is called “drilling waste management”.

The main treatment process is to further lower down the liquid content (oil, gas, etc) in the drilling waste (that is also why we say it is to separate out the liquid from the solid) and lower down the harm to the environment.

During the treatment process, the equipments like centrifuge, high-G shaker, vertical cutting dryer, screw conveyor will be used very ofen.

As compared with the “Solids Control”, “Drilling Waste Management” is to further lower down the liquid content based on the former, so the latter has a higher requirements with the equipments.

Such as the centrifuge and high-G shaker, compared with that used in the “Solids Control”, they must have higher rotation speed or vibration strength in the “drilling waste management”.


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Mud separation plant for building site liquid removal

GN Solids Control dispatched a mud separation plant for building site liquid removal. The system was customized for a European company. Now the mud separation plant arrived the European job site and have been started to use at the building construction site. The client is very happy with the system, and give high praise to GN design mud separation plant and GN fast delivery and reliable services.

Below is the mud separation plant in the clients building construction site. They will use the system for liquid removable. To separate water, grit, stone and also for mud separation.160427 UK Geothermal Well Drilling

Previously, when the client contact with GN, they inquire decanter centrifuge to do also the separation jobs. Absolutely, with only a centrifuge, they cannot do the job. GN sales people communicate the clients to make sure their demands and know well their inquires. Then GN team invites the clients to pay a visit to GN Solids Control to check the company and quality by themselves, and have a face to face meeting with GN engineers. After talking with GN engineering team, they work out a turnkey solution for the mud separation project.

  • Firstly, a double deck shale shaker will be used for pre-separation.

It is a linear motion shale shaker model GNZS706-HB. It is a compact design double deck shale shaker especially designed for compact mud system, like small mud system for piling, underground construction, trenchless, HDD, waterwell drilling, micro tunneling, etc…

The top deck shaker screen utilize coarse screen to separate stone and big solids. The bottom deck screen utilize fine screen to separate the fine solids. After the 2 steps separation, there will be big solids enter into centrifuge. It can protect the centrifuge well. And another site, it can enlarge the total treating capacity of the whole liquid removal mud separation plant.

  • Secondly, a decanter centrifuge is used after shale shaker to further remove the fine solids.
  • For a compact design, all above equipment are mounted in a mud tank for small footprint and easy movement.