Knowledge about the difference of Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management

In this article, we mainly introduce the different between “Solids Control” & “Drilling Waste Management”.

“Solids control” & “Drilling Waste Management” are frequently heard with the drilling mud, what is the difference between them?

Simply, we can say for the “Solids control”, it is to separate out the solid phase from the liquid-phase mud; for the “Drilling waste management”, it is to separate out the liquid phase from the solid-phase drilling waste;

  1. Solids Control

Drilling mud is the necessary material for the drilling work especially in the oil & gas drilling, there will be a lot of drilling cuttings when the mud circulates out from the well hole, which will influence the physical property of mud and the mud must be treated before going into the well hole again.

The treatment process with the drilling mud is called “Solids Control”, because mainly the drilling cuttings are the solid particles with different sizes, it is called “Solids Control”.

During the treatment process, the solids control equipments like Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, Decanter Centrifuge, Centrifugal Pump, Mud Tank, Mud Agitator will be used;

Usually the treatment process is exited on the well site;

Mud handling equipments and mud tanks

  1. Drilling Waste Management

During the “Solids Control” process, the separated out solid particles or drilling cuttings by the equipments like shaker, desander, deacnter centrifuge are same called as “Drilling Waste”.

Usually the drilling waste will be temporarily collected and poured into a pit on the well site. Then regularly they will be transported to the special facility for accepting the treatment, the “treatment process” is called “drilling waste management”.

The main treatment process is to further lower down the liquid content (oil, gas, etc) in the drilling waste (that is also why we say it is to separate out the liquid from the solid) and lower down the harm to the environment.

During the treatment process, the equipments like centrifuge, high-G shaker, vertical cutting dryer, screw conveyor will be used very ofen.

As compared with the “Solids Control”, “Drilling Waste Management” is to further lower down the liquid content based on the former, so the latter has a higher requirements with the equipments.

Such as the centrifuge and high-G shaker, compared with that used in the “Solids Control”, they must have higher rotation speed or vibration strength in the “drilling waste management”.


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