How to transfer drilling cuttings, pump and conveyors

In order to treat the drilling cuttings, operators need to find the best way to transfer the drilling cuttings to the treatment equipment like high G drying shaker and vertical G cuttings dryer. The most popular way for transfer drilling cuttings is the screw conveyors (Auger Conveyor), and the drilling cuttings transfer pump.

Part 1) Screw Conveyor for Drilling cuttings transfer

Screw conveyor is also called Auger Conveyor, it is one of the most popular equipment for transfer drilling cuttings. The advantages for the Auger conveyor is the simple design, and easy operation, as well as a long length for picking up the cuttings discharged from the shale shakers or mud cleaners on the drilling rig mud tanks. The disadvantages are that, it is not easy to layout for transfer from one equipment to the other, especially for the long distance. Since the conveyor cannot lay at degree over 45 degree. And it is not good to transfer drilling cuttings with high moisture.

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Part 2) Vacuum Pump or Solids Pump for drilling cuttings transfer.

The vacuum pump or solids pump are used to transfer drilling cuttings. The big advantages are long distance transfer with easy layout, and it can be use for transfer high moisture drilling cuttings. The vacuum pump or solids pump are driven by air, so it is safe to operate in hazardsĀ  areas to be explosion proof. The disadvantage are the power consumption for creating air, and not suitable to pick up drilling cuttings from different equipment like the shale shakers and mud cleaners on the mud tank.


So most of the cases, operators will combine the drilling cuttings screw conveyor and the solids pump together to transfer drilling cuttings to the treatment equipment.


GN Solids Control is able to provide you the screw conveyor and drilling cuttings transfer pump for the waste management operations. Also high G drying shaker and vertical cuttings dryers are available from GN factory in stock.

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