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Dewatering treatment big bowl decanter centrifuge for tunneling and piling

Months ago, two sets of 20 cubic waste slurry treatment systems were used in a Singapore customer. The two sets of 20 cubic waste slurry treatment systems were designed and made by GN Solids Control per clients job site situation. They will be used to treat the micro tunneling slurry and piling slurry and used for dewatering treatment.

The waste slurry dewatering treatment system complies with Singapore’s national environmental protection requirements and adopts a containerized design. The system is mainly composed of below processing equipment.

1) A big bowl high speed decanter centrifuge. GNLW553C-VFD is used in this slurry dewatering system. It is a 22 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge for solids and liquid separation. The decanter centrifuge adopts the high-speed for dewatering treatment in purification system. The big bowl decanter centrifuge is a special customized centrifuge that can treat both ordinary drilling mud and waste drilling mud.

2) A flocculation system for chemical enchaning. It is a automatical chemical enhancing system. The flocculation system is also a specific flocculation system. It can be used to mixing and enhancing 3 kinds of chemical agents to meet Different needs of customers.

Both the high speed dewatering centrifuge and chemical dosing system are fixing into containers, which satisfies the integration, harmlessness and reduction in the urban construction process. It also adopts sealing and noise reduction treatment as a whole, which reduces the impact on the lives of surrounding residents during the construction process. GN Solids Control can also equipment air conditioner inside the container per clients request.

GN Solids Control mud purification system and slurry dewatering equipment have attracted much attention in the international market and in China domestic market. There are sufficient market cases in China. GN Solids Control slurry treatment dewatering systems are welcomed by many big companies in China, customers include China Railway Tunnel, China Railway Environmental Engineering. etc…

Waste water Decanter centrifuge and Dosing Unit for Middle East Client

This week, a package of chemical dosing decanter centrifuge system is ready by GN Solids Control. After the final test and inspection before delivery in the factory, the decanter and chemical dosing unit will be deliver to port and export for a Middle East client.

The high speed big bowl decanter centrifuge and chemical dosing system will be used to treat waste water with oil. The slurry and sludge waiting for treatment is generated by Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facility. The wastewater is received from different industries such as Food, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Workshops,……etc.

Big bowl decanter centrifuge for waste water treatment

The wastewater is generated at the pre-treatment stage of the inlet effluent, which include oil and fat removal, then a chemical treatment by ferric chloride, caustic soda, and polymer.

Before choosing GN Solids Control wastewater decanter centrifuge dewatering unit, the client considered to use screw dryer machine for drying the solid and to reduce the volume to maximum possible solids size.
With the instruction of GN Solids Control, the client test the wastewater by lab tube centrifuge and send the performance data to GN Solids Control engineers. Based on the test data, GN Solids Control recommended big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW454 which with big ratio of centrifuge bowl diameter and bowl length.

The bowl diameter and bowl length ratio is up to 4. The decanter centrifuge model GNLW454 is specially designed for wastewater and slurry treatment. A Screw pump is used to feed wastewater into decanter centrifuge for dewatering treatment.

Powder chemical mixing and dosing unit

The GNLW454 dewater centrifuge is used together with a 3000L chemical dosing system. The 3000L chemical dosing system is a 3-tank automatic power chemical dosing unit. Unlike normal chemical dosing system use Diaphragm pump as dosing pump, the 3000L 3-tank automatic power chemical dosing unit use screw pump as dosing pump. Although the cost of screw pump is higher than diaphragm pump, the feeding flow screw pump is more stable. The dosing screw pump is controlled by VFD control panel for changing the chemical dosing rate.

Oily sludge separation system for oil sludge and oil slurry treatment

GN oily sludge separation system is widely used to treat oil waste and oil sludge generated from oil and gas drilling, from refinery, from tank cleaning, or to treat the slope oil slurry.

For different kinds of oil slurry and oil sludge, the separation and treatment system is not all the same. And if clients demands for the final output oil, water and sand are different, the processing and oil sludge treatment system will be different.

For international clients who want to get a suitable solution from GN Solids Control for oil sludge and oil slurry treatment, they can send their project and material information to GN Solids Control to let GN engineers know more about the material situation.

Clear photos and videos to show the oil sludge or oil sludge situation. They are for the the raw material that you want to treat by GN Solids Control equipment. If the clients already have some waste management treating equipment, the clients are suggested to send material information before the existing equipment treatment and after the existing equipment treatment.

The clients can stir and heat the oil slurry to 80℃. And show GN Solids Control the situation of the slurry by heating up to 80℃ by photos and videos. It is mainly to see the oil/water/soil settle down situation after heating treatment.

If clients have lab centrifuge or they can find lab centrifuge locally. They can test the material by lab tube centrifuge. Clients can separate the sludge and see if lad centrifuge can separate solids from the sludge. If they cannot find lab tube centrifuge for test. Clients can send a small bottle of material to GN Solids Control to do the test.