7500BBL Liquid mud plant for South America

In October, a set of 7500bbl liquid mud plant was delivered from GN Solids Control headquarter in Beijing. The 7500bbl liquid mud plant is only a part of a 30000 BBL big projects.

The 7500bbl liquid mud plant is composed of below items:
1) Quantity 14 vertical storage tank for water, brine and drilling mud storage.

The usable capacity of each vertical tank is 500bbl. Total usable volume of the 14 vertical storage tank is 7000bbl. The 14 ea vertical mud tank is located in 2 lines for a minimized footprint. Compared with traditional horizontal mud tank, vertical tank can save space greatly.

The 14 vertical storage tanks are all designed with magnetic flap level gauges to measure and display the liquid level. On the other side of the storage tank, a horizontal placement is designed. When the storage tank needs to be placed horizontally, the horizontal placement can ensure the stability of the storage tank. Centrifugal pump can be used to suck and discharge drilling mud from the storage tank, or to suck the mud from the mixing tank.

2) 500BBL horizontal mixing tank
The mixing tank contains two sets of non-interference mud mixing system, which are powered by two independent submersible slurry pumps. When one pump fails, the other submersible slurry pump can be easily switched to avoid downtime.

The mixing tank adopts 2 sets of two-impeller mud agitators to prevent the drilling mud from sedimentation. In addition, it is also equipped with 2 mud guns for fixed-point flushing of the corners of the tank.
The top of the mud tank is made of mesh board. This 500BBL mixing tank adopts a skid-mounted structure, with a small rectangular size, and can be moved by a flatbed truck.

GN Solids Control is committed to providing global customers with a variety of drilling mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment, which can to used to treat oil based mud (OBM), water base mud (WBM) and SBM composite-based mud. In order to meet the various needs of different applications, GN Solids Control can is capable to offer customized design equipment and combined waste management solutions for customers.

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