Drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer package for oil base mud and cuttings

GN Solids Control waste management vertical cuttings dryer is specially designed for oi base mud and oil base drilling cuttings. Before enter into GN Solids Control vertical cuttings, the oil on the cuttings is around 15% ~ 20%. It is very liquidable. It is difficult for transportation. And very high cost and low efficiency if feed into thermal desorption unit directly.

GN vertical cuttings dryer can reduce the oil on the cuttings from 15% ~ 20% to 3% ~ 5%. Sometimes the OOC is even less than 3%. The discharged solids phase is much easier for transportation. The recovered drilling fluids can be reused and it is valuable. It saves clients mud cost. With less than 5% OOC, the drilling cuttings can be discharged directly, or covered by cement or do solidification treatment. Even if they need to be treated by thermal desorption unit or by Microbial treatment, it is much small volume.

GN Solids Control uses German Brand NETZSCH pump as flush pump for the vertical cuttings dryer. Gearbox of the screw pump is also German brand NORD.

GN Solids Control makes telescopic skid to hold the vertical cuttings dryer. It makes the solids discharged fluently, and the liquid can flow into decanter centrifuge for next stage separation by grave. It save a middle transfer tank, and saves a transfer pump.

GN Solids Control can also offer 0.5 Ton Hand chain hoist for operators to change screen basket. The Hand chain hoist is fixed on the telescopic. There are foldable walkways and guardrails on the skid itself. For inland shipment, clients do not need to remove the vertical cuttings dryer, just fall down the legs of the skid, and fold the guardrails.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes screw conveyor under shale shaker to collect drilling cuttings and feed to the dryer. And there will be another vertical cuttings dryer to transfer the solids from vertical cuttings dryer to other solids skips.

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