Composite OEM and Replacement Screens

Full line of screens providing higher throughput, extended life, reduced cost all of screens in our industry-leading line come with gn solids patented and very sturdy composite-frame technology. We offer 4 screen meshes with units made for both gn solids and competitor Decanter Centrifuge, all delivering:

Longer screen life. The composite frame design and style gives smaller sized additional a lot of panels, evenly distributing mechanical stresses and containing mesh tears once they happen.

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Maintains or reduces current screen weight. Our evolutionary gn solution composite screen weighs in regards to the very same as the original HIFLO screen and drastically less than metal-frame screens.

Simple to repair. The patented plug-repair system, readily available on gn product screens for the Brandt 300 shaker, reduces repair time for you to less than two minutes. Basically get rid of the screen from the shaker and snap in a factory-made plug. This method eliminates the need to have for removing the broken mesh and needs no cutting, gluing or bonding time.

Four different screen meshes offered

With all the gn item frame offering a offshore drilling solid base, gn solids offers four unique screen meshes made for all drilling environments. The meshes we have accessible let you pick out the appropriate mesh for the job with out compromising screen life or throughput capacity.

gnsolids item delivers unmatched screen life and exceptional capacity. Bigger diameter wire gives our patented gnsolids item screens the longest life in the sector nowadays. Combining gnsolids item screens with all the gn solution composite frame technologies enables for exceptionally high fluid-handling capacity. The high conductance also outcomes in decreased mesh loading in comparison to normal mesh types, additional guaranteeing unmatched screen life.

Gn mesh for sandstone. The Gn’s screen was developed particularly to deal with the drilling of sandstone formations. Typically, these formations can resent blinding complications with normal screen meshes.

gn solution for any better cut. The gn item is created specifically for applications requiring a well-defined separation efficiency or cut.

gn solids also delivers the high capacity layered rectangular mesh. The diameter of your wire employed to create gn mesh is smaller than that applied to create gnsolids item. The mesh also just isn’t calendared. gn mesh has extra open location than gnsolids item, resulting in larger capacity. On the downside, it includes a shorter screen life than gnsolids item and reduced separation efficiency. If you want to explore more information please visit our

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