Gn Solids Conrrol and Cuttings Dryer for WBM and OBM

Commonly, Hi-G dryer shaker is employed for WBM drilling cuttings remedy and Vertical cuttings dyer is applied for OBM drilling cuttings treatment. The OOC of WBM solids discharged from Hi-G dryer shaker is about 20%; the OOC of OBM solids discharged from Vertical cuttings dyer is about 5%.


GN solids control 2nd generation solutions is been testing in CNPC job site. The testing drilling mud is WBM. Just after treated by 2nd generation vertical cuttings dryer, the solids discharge is substantially dryer which is usually solidification directly. The recycled clean water based mud can be transferred to decanter centrifuge for ultra fine solids separation, then the liquid might be transferred back to solids manage mud tanks for reuse.


The WBM drilling cuttings after treated by Vertical cuttings dyer is mud cake, substantially dryer. As OBM is easier than WBM when treated by Vertical cuttings dryer, the OBM treating outcome must be a great deal superior. Within this case, we can save plenty of price for client, no need Hi-G dryer anymore.


For customer, wanting 1 sets cuttings dryer, you could possibly speak to GN Solids handle to acquire clear answer. We can offer you solids control and cuttings dryer, reputable working overall performance and financial in price.

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