Decanter Centrifuge Weight and the actual using ways

GN2510 Decanter Centrifuge is designed for horizontal reciprocating pump. It is mud cleaner than old disintegration of light weight, good, convenient to use and maintain, and drilling equipment replacement and light played a role. My company uses GN fifty-fiftieths mud cleaner 5-6-year period. Initially used for pumping water, have less problems later used to pump mud, revealed that the pump is not flexible. Testing after long-term use, water pump, pressure to meet the requirements, mechanical failure reduced overhaul interval extension. The pump head piston and seal, used for conveying mud has the following disadvantages: ① when you start the pump does not suck water, ceramic plunger easily burst; ② mud sand seal wears out faster and sand into the seal ring exhaust is not out, the formation of eccentric wear of piston surface, damaging seal ③ frequently replace sealing ring, and disassembly is not convenient.

Decanter Centrifuge

GN250 Mud cleaner is actually removing drinking water through strong materials or even dirt through moist category, centrifugation, purification, or even comparable solid-liquid splitting up procedures, for example elimination associated with recurring fluid from the filtration system dessert with a filtration system push included in numerous commercial procedures.

The splitting up grow is going to be such as shale shaker, dirt solution or even desander & desilter, dirt agitator, dirt container as well as combining program along with Mud cleaner. The actual solids content material is definitely high and also the big particles as well as good solids usually modifications based on various planet problems. Depending on it’s tough as well as wide selection associated with dirt problems, the actual splitting up grow have to fulfill a broad software to match the actual rig various associated with drilling problems.

GN offered two device associated with splitting up grow in order to HK this past year along with two hundred and fifty M3/h as well as 400M3/h dealing with capability. For that two hundred and fifty M3/h splitting up grow, this such as two models shale shaker, 1 dirt solution, 1 recycling where possible container & 1 combining container having a divided aircraft dirt machine. If you want to buy a Decanter Centrifuge, Click this link.

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