GN new desander effectively demonstrated

GN desander  designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity,desander blades set in rotating component of insole, rows sand regulator control sand content,drilling fluid into the rise of the separated components, drilling fluid drainage opening into the drilling fluid by a taper slot slot.

In addition to desander  installation and debugging: USA desander  consists of vibrating screen, tap manifold, cyclone, etc, except sand cleaner into the liquid pipe and overflow pipe ends are symmetric structure, convenient in installation. The sand pump pulp out of the mouth and desanding cleaner into liquid worked 6 “hose connection, will overflow of desilter worked eight” rubber hose drain into another drilling fluid tank.

The actual released strong might be straight sent to the actual selection container or perhaps a sludge hole. It’s as much as the client whether or not they require the actual mess conveyor or even not really.

The  weapons  machine, is the secondary solids control equipment in drilling operation, is commonly used, 10 “and 12” hydrocyclone separation hydrocyclone desander is mainly used for drilling fluid in the particle size of 47-76 microns of solid phased particles. According to the size of the customer request processing, choose several groups of cyclone desander. Crown to solid control of the hydrocyclone desander is widely used in oil drilling, horizontal directional drilling sand separation.

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