Dewatering Unit Application and GN APM Mixing Unit

It’s more frequently learned about dewatering unit in drilling industry but the majority of the persons working in this industry are not so acquainted with the dewatering unit. In the following paragraphs, I will provide a simple introduction on which is dewatering unit and also the application.

Dewatering unit we are also able to name it as ultra fine solids removing system. It always includes the fine solids separation system and polymer mixing system.

What’s the composition from the dewatering unit?

1. Feeding System

GN’s dewatering system has 2 screw pumps utilized for moving the flocculation and also the slurry towards the decanter centrifuge. The harmful chemicals and also the slurry meet in the feeding pipe from the decanter centrifuge and the flocs also created here. Then your slurry with large size flocs will get in to the centrifuge together there for separation.

2. Automatic polymer mixing system.

GN dewatering unit automatic polymer mixing product is 2 tanks system. It’s outfitted with medical feeding system, water injection system, mixing system and delivery system, electrical control system and gauge system. This APM system has 2 screw conveyors, the first is accustomed to transfer the powder medications towards the hopper around the mixing tank, and yet another screw conveyor is situated underneath the hopper to provide the powder in to the pre-mixing tank.

3. GNLW553-VFD dewatering centrifuge for separation

GN dewatering unit choose GNLW553 various frequency drive model serve as the separation centrifuge. The control panel was created as four various frequency drive for that centrifuge primary motor, back motor and 2 feeding pumps for slurry and medicals. Following the separation from the centrifuge, the big size flocs could be removed out, then your ultra fine solids is separated out.


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