Mud Gun & Mud Gun Pipeline in Solids Control System

Regarding to solids control system equipment, one may firstly realize shale shakers, desander and desilter, the decanter centrifuges and mud cleaner. But nobody could disregard the mud gun that is small equipment not small effect equipment.

GN Solids Control has much experience in designing and producing solids control system and equipment. Including the solids control system, I will introduce the essential function of the mud gun in the following paragraph.

What is the mud gun utilized for?

1, mud gun can be used to cooperate with the mud agitator to keep the drilling mud from settling. The mud agitator is installed in middle of the tank, and corresponding mud gun is near that, for caring concerning the tank corners.

2. for delivering drilling mud in one tank to the another. Obviously, the mud gun can’t accomplish this goal simply by itself, also it need assistance in the mud gun pipeline.

What does mud gun pipeline seem like?

A mud gun pipeline is really a 2 inch or 3 inch cubic pipe installed through the top frame of mud tanks. It covers nearly each tank from the system, aside from the shaker tank. Since the drilling mud in shaker tank isn’t active mud, which cannot be used directly in further drilling. However the drilling mud in other tanks, like active tank underneath the centrifuge, most occasions it may be employed for mud pumps. Or mud kept in storage tank.

Since the mud gun itself doesn’t have energy they are driving the mud, the mud gun line actually is associated with the blending pumps. Once the user have to transfer mud via mud gun pipeline, it always shut lower the bond between your mixing hopper and it is centrifugal pumps, then your pumps can be used to suck mud to mud gun line. By closing some tank’s mud gun lines, drilling mud is moved to destination tank via mud guns.

GN Solids Control is professional in solids control systems, if you have any problem about treating the drilling mud, GN will be the best choice.


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