Drill cuttings High G drying shaker for sale

The GNZS594HGE shale shaker is a robust, yet uncomplicated four panel high G drying shaker. It is also called as high G dryer or cuttings dryer. The GNZS594HGE high G drying shaker is with G force up to 8.0. The G force is adjustable; clients can adjust the G force per the material situation.

The GNZS594HGE shale shaker can provide drier solids separation, improve the fluid recovery percentage, it can offer a longer screen life time and reduced the jobsite operating costs.

With the adjustable high G force and two options of the removable feeders, the GNZS594HGE high G drying shaker can be applied as solids control primary shaker by using box feeder.


or applied as drilling cuttings drying shaker by using the hopper feeder.shale shaker 4

Other features and advantages of The GNZS594HGE high G drying shaker

1) The innovative rubber covered spring reduces the noise of the GNZS594HGE high G drying shaker. The composite material rubber spring also gives additional safety from pinch points in the moving springs area to the GNZS594HGE high G drying shaker separator.

2) High G-force is very important for a high G drying shaker performance. High G force is used to conveyer cuttings from shaker deck, to dewater the drill cutting, and recovery the valuable drilling fluids from the waste cuttings. It is one side save the cost of drilling fluids, and also as the drilling fluids content in the cuttings is reduced. The water contend in the waste is reduced; it can reduce the environment pollution.

3) Stainless steel material for the shaker deck for a longer lifetime.

Suitable Applications of the GNZS594HGE high G drying shaker separator

It can be used in all water-based drilling fluids mud systems

It can be used in all oil-based mud systems

The main function and most popular way is to be used as Drilling Cuttings Drying shaker to dewater the drilling waste cuttings

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