Drilling mud agitator for solids control system

Mud agitator is designed to agitating the drilling fluids in mud tanks. Mud agitator is composed of motor, gearbox reducer, shaft and impeller. It is a high efficiency unit for mud mixing in solids control mud system. GN Solids Control offers all sizes of drilling mud agitators for different sizes and functional mud tanks, like shale shaker tank (slope tank), suction tank, mixing tank, storage tank, pill tank, water tank, trip tank, marine tank, etc…Both horizontal and vertical type drilling mud agitator are available.


According to the design type of gearbox reduce, there are 2 major types of mud agitator:
1) Worm and gearbox reducer mud agitator. This type agitator is with compact design and smaller footprint. Its cost is lower but the efficiency is less.
2) Helical bevel gearbox reducer mud agitator. It is heavy duty type. This type agitator is with a bigger footprint for the same horse power motor but with much higher stir efficiency than worm gearbox type. Its cost is higher.


In order to choose the right model of mud agitator of the mud tanks, below information is requested before ordering agitators:
1) The dimension of the mud tank (L×W×H).
2) The weight of the drilling mud
3) Voltage of the the power supply for driven motors
4) Impeller type: canted blade type or flat blade type. Mostly it is canted blade impellers. The canted blade impeller is better stir performance compared with flat blade impeller.
5) Number of mud agitators requested for the sizing mud tank.
6) Required TOR. TOR means the turn over rate.

The TOR is the number of seconds required for the impeller to pump the full volume within the sizing area. Remember that a lower TOR indicates more agitation because the tank turns over in fewer seconds. TOR should be in the range of 35 to 90 seconds for all “sizing areas”. Although, for the suction tank, it should have a TOR closer to 90 (less agitation) to prevent aeration.

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