Drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer for oil based mud

Drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer is widely used to treat oil-based mud and oil based mud cuttings. It can further healing period useful drilling fluids through the drilling waste cuttings, and decrease the oil content for the cuttings.
Function of drilling waste vertical cuttings dryer for oil based mud and also oil based cuttings
Oil upon cuttings (OOC) is a standard parameter to identify the effectiveness of a Vg dryer. Prior to enter into vertical cuttings dryer, the oil on cuttings (OOC) is normally around 15% ~ 25%. After remedying of VG dryer, the OOC should be reduced to 3% ~ 5%. It is the diploma accepted by most of the areas. The cuttings with 3% ~ 5% OOC dismissed from VG dryer might be buried directly.
In some areas with higher standard, typically the cuttings can be moved to be able to thermal desorption unit (TDU) for further treatment to reduce OOC to 0. 5%.

vertical cuttings dryer
Often the recovered mud from VG dryer can be reused regarding drilling. But as the mud is very heavy, Normally, broadband drilling waste decanter centrifuge will be used after VG dryer to reduce the mud excess weight. After VG dryer in addition to high speed decanter centrifuge treatment, typically the mud should be qualified to get drilling. As there is no surroundings hazardous materials generated from drilling rig site all things considered these treatment, so VG dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge are popular and made welcome by rig site seeing that Zero discharge system.
Many consumers may wonder: If the arctic distortion unit (TDU) helps to reduce oil on cuttings to be able to as low as 0. 5%, the reason why don’t the rig internet site use TDU to treat oil-based mud and cuttings immediately. The answer is that, TDU is often a high energy consumption equipment. Along with the capacity is very small , the regular capacity of 1 set TDU is 1 ton on a daily basis, and max. 2 lots per hour. And it is cost greater. But VG dryer can easily treat around 30 plenty per hours. Equip VG dryer before TDU could increase treating capacity on the total drilling waste management system.

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