Solids Control equipment for Middle East and Africa oil field

GN Solids Control high quality solids control equipment are widely used in middle east and Africa oil field. Many clients, before they choose GN Solids Control, they used U.S or European brand. Once they contact GN, and start to buy equipment from GN, they gave high praise on GN equipment and services. They will keep working with GN and recommend new clients to GN.
Why the Middle east and Africa clients likes GN Solids Control:

GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control

1)    Good quality.
Absolutely, good quality and reliable services are the main reason they keep buying from GN. Low price or good ads may attract clients for one time. But if they do not happy with the quality, they will never come to you again. In middle east and Africa market, most of the management people are working with U.S and European world famous company before, they have very high requirements on the mud treatment equipment quality. And as the very high temperature of the weather in middle east and Africa, the normal standard products not suits it. GN Solids Control have well experience on the market. All their products, motors and control panels are explosion proof for zone 1 or zone 2 applications. And capable for 55° C.
2)    Certified lifting point for offshore
Offshore drilling have special high requirement on the solids control and drilling waste management. GN Solids Control is among the few companies who can make VFD control panel with self-cooling system and explosion proof air conditioner for the high temperature areas and offshore. Furthermore, GN Solids Control can offer DNV certified lifting point for all the equipment for offshore drilling rigs.
3)    Prompt reply, flexible contract and engineering support and reliable services.
GN can offer customized technical support and design to suit for different clients’requirement. GN people will reply clients within 24 hours once get their mail or call. And they are flexible on contract terms.
4)    Competitive price
The price of GN equipment is much more deserving its price.
If a products with competitive price, followed its parameters well, its quality is good, service is reliable. There is no reason for clients no choose it.

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