Drop of Crude Oil Price

The world in 21st century is always living under the fear of energy depletion, and energy crisis is regarded as the greatest living threat for human beings. In any book store, you could find a book with content like Using up the Last Barrel of Oil.  Under this background, recent 6 months’ continuous drop of crude oil price seems anti-mainstream. But it did happen.

We could still remember, at beginning of this year, some critics said that the world would always under the highly priced crude oil background, but of such a sudden, all world was full of cheap crude oil. That not only changed the life of people, but also changes the many economic individuals including the oil suppliers and consumers.

This happened because of economic. Although there is some unstable factors in political, like the conflict in Iraq and Syria, it plays only a small part of crude oil market. But he increase in supply caused by American Shale oil and gas pushed this drop of price. At end of November, the OPEC meeting said they will keep the supply at 3000BBL/day at this price, not to cut the supply, perhaps, in order to occupy the existing market proportion.

In this case, it is more necessary for the oil drilling and other relating industries to run at a limited budget, cause the benefit margin is thinner than before, and they still need to reach the desired production. In this way, the more economic equipments and spare parts seem more important than before.

GN Solids Control, who is the largest solids control and waste management equipment and system exporter in China, is always making all efforts to give the customers including the drilling company, drilling waste management company and other companies the most cost-effective solutions.

GN is based in China, but its producing standard is the international highest. That’s why, GN has established a branch company in USA, and shares the world market with world famous US and European suppliers. Hope in the coming year, GN will better support all customers, old and new, to get a new success in the rough year. If you want to know more about GN Solids Control, please click this link:





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