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GN solids control is really a top manufacturer and designer of solids control equipment and system, drilling waste management equipment and system, in addition to mud recycling equipment and system. Luckily, GN is the first API licensed solids control company in China, and it has develop the branch office within the United States: GN Solids America that is the first and greatest solids control company from China. Besides, GN‘s items are actually serving in much more than 60 nations around the globe. After almost a decade’s development, GN has accomplished a properly-known brand: GN brand.


You might be curious so how exactly does it develops and strengthening in this rapid speed. Probably the most noticeable response is GN product’s top quality. GN is positive about the standard for each creating process is just consistent with API Q1 quality system. After finished, GN product is going to be strictly examined and examined by GN Creating and Monitoring Center.  In addition to this, in weeks ago, a brand new policy of a 3rd party inspection was carried out. This means the merchandise is going to be looked over by a 3rd party after examined by Creating and Monitoring Center. Generally, the 3rd party includes believe it or not than 3 persons: the one who responsible for the projects, the department manager, one in the Creating and Monitoring Center. Fortunately, I became a member of a 3rd party this Monday.


Certainly, we did have some defects. Though these defects won’t influence GN product’s performance, it might impress clients that GN shows no attention on particulars. Each one of these picks up fall under the lack of consideration on particulars, summarized by not cleaning cuttings after drilling holes to repair coupling cover.


It’s been stated that particulars will decide whether success comes or otherwise. GN has become pursuing a higher product quality with full attention on particulars. It has been mentioned that particulars will decide whether success comes or else. GN is becoming going after a greater product quality with full attention on particulars.

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