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The initial startup procedure should be used when the equipment is being started for the first time, or when Solids Control has been returned to use after an extended period out of service.
1. Verify that all operators and maintenance personnel have read and understand all operating
and safety information in Section 2 – Safety DER02011 .
2. Confirm that desander has been installed in accordance with Section 3 – Installation
DER03011 .
3. Check that services and utilities are available in accordance with Section 1 – General
Information DER01311 .
4. Check that three-way valve control arm is properly connected, and confirm that control arm
and valve spool move freely. Correct any binding.
5. Check for any obstruction to atmospheric port of three-way valve. Remove obstruction, if
6. Check oil level in vacuum pump by removing oil filler plug (Figure 4092-1) and checking that
the oil is at the top thread of the filler hole. Replenish if necessary, and re-install plug.
7. Remove top of liquid trap, and check that float valve closes. Correct any binding or defect.
8. Turn compressor belt wheel manually through several revolutions to confirm free movement.
9. Be sure that all operators and maintenance personnel are clear of equipment before applying
electric power to vacuum pump and centrifugal pump.

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