Drilling Mud Cleaner Important Notices

Where to use GN Drilling Mud Cleaner

GN Drilling Mud Cleaners are designed to separate fine solids from drilling fluids.Desander is the second phase of oilfield solids control system installed on top of the mud tank following the shale shaker.Desilter is the third phase of oilfield solids control system installed on top of the mud tank following the desander.Drilling Mud Cleaner is a combination of desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shaker with compact structure. It is called the 2nd and 3rd phase solids control equipment.

drilling mud cleaner

drilling mud cleaner

Imporant notices for Drilling Mud Cleaner

1.Read the drilling mud cleaner manual carefully before operating.

2. Lifting the drilling mud cleaner at specified lifting points! Make sure machine mounting is fastened and reliable; Tighten all the assembly bolt groups once a month!

3. Lock mud cleaner screen basket before moving; Unlock screen basket before operation.

4.Run motor at correct direction, after 8 hours, check the tightening torque of bolts (M20 Bolt: 38kgm; M22 Bolt: 56kgm;) Check if the body case are crack or cable worn out once a month.

5. Before starting, check if the mud cleaner locking wedge of screen is fixed or not, wash the screen with water before stop, clean discharge port of buffer box regularly.

6. Check the height of damping spring at right and left sides are same or not and check the sealing rubber once a month; Every 1000 Working hours ,Refill grease to the motor, Brand of lubricating grease: SKF LGHP2/18. Every 2500 Working hours refill grease to Reducer, and every year fefill grease to the screw lifting device, Brand of lubricating grease: Mobil EP2

7. Check drilling mud cleaner pressure gauge regularly

8. Clean residual around drop in desander and desilter apex regularly. replace cones and drop in apex according to wear condition.

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